Memes: not just for boys anymore thanks to Girly Shitt

Don't you just love randomly awesome Internet things? I sure do, and this one sent to me awhile back from my girl C, is a definitely worth bookmarking.  The tumblr blog Girly Shitt is a humourous stream of hilarity and topical anecdotes unique to the female experience.  Get your grrrl power on a la the 90s, with posts that will have you going "mmhm" like:

"Being able to rub your eyes as much as you want because you're not wearing makeup"

"Accidentally dropping something down your shirt and it just fucking disappears forever"

"Immediately regretting your decision to get bangs. Again"

"Own 15 bras... wear same one EVERYDAY"

ALL of these things are shit I've totally done. For realz.  I'd love to hear what piercingly true (and funny!) girl shitt you've all done so tell me in the comments!

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Ditch: Bliss clog dissolving cleansing milk

The Product
A deep pore cleansing exfoliator gentle enough for daily use and which acts as a dual function face wash and 5 minute mask.
The Guts
Moisturizers like glycerin, soybean oil, shea butter, and milk proteins.

Price & Packaging
At $28 it's kinda pricy, but I was willing to fork it out if the product was worth it.  Having never tried a Bliss product before, I was hopeful.

This cleanser was crap!!!  I was really tempted to throw it out except that I had paid so much for it, I felt compelled to use it all.  Not only did I have to use a lot of product for my face to feel clean at all, I also had to use MULTIPLE toner pads in order to get my face clean.  I was literally disgusted when I would wipe my face with toner after as I always do, and lift away the cotton ball and see it BROWN.  Now considering that I have a normal skin type, and I don't wear a full face of foundation, I find that to be a terrible result.  The only way to get a clean face with this cleanser is to use lots of product and wash your face twice per sitting.  Not exactly efficient.

In 140 characters or less: About as good as washing with water.

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Echoes in the hallway of this house

Have you ever loved a song more for the video than the song itself?  Such is the case with this little ditty by Aussie artist Gotye.  I think what I love about this video is how it reminds me a bit of my favourite animator, Hayao Miyazaki's films and its bittersweet story of innocence lost.  At some point in our lives, we all let go of our childish dreams.  I'm not sure how it happens, but at some moment we decide to turn our backs on the pretend friends who were there to comfort us when we cried, who played with us as shadows from our nightlights, and who took us magical journeys through our imaginations.  Just like in the video, they're always there waiting for us to remember them, but is it possible for us to? Maybe, but I think the hardest step would be to figure out how to start looking.

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Foodie Adventures: Simple stir-fried scallops

A couple weeks ago a girlfriend and I decided to try cooking dinner rather than spend money going out to eat. The result was delicious and super fun! Cooking together is going to be my new go-to hangout night activity.

This recipe came from a new cookbook my mom bought me for Christmas: Chinese - a collection of 100 essential recipes. I'm not sure if it's super authentic, but the recipes have great color photos and don't look super complicated, so I'll keep working my way through it and let you know the authenticity later!

To maximize the flavour factor here, you'll definitely needs big scallops. Unfortunately, when we went to buy some, my grocer told me that the large scallops are super expensive now and they only stock the tiny ones. However, a little bird tells me that Costco still stocks the bigger, meatier ones!

  • 1lb scallops
  • 2 tbsp sesame oil
  • 1 tbsp chopped flat-leaf parsley (subbed in lots of cilantro!!)
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp minced fresh ginger
  • 1 tbsp fish sauce
  • 1 clove garlic, peeled and minced
Combine lemon juice, soy sauce, honey, ginger, fish sauce and garlic into a bowl and stir to dissolve honey. Add scallops and toss to coat. You'll already note the amazing smells coming off this sauce!

Heat a wok over high heat for 3 mins.  Add oil and heat for 30s.  Add scallops and sauce, with cilantro.  Sitr constantly, cooking for 3mins. Be very careful not to overcook scallops or else they will become very tough.  Scallops should be tender and white, with no translucent color.

Serve with hot rice.  This sauce tastes AMAZING on rice!

Serves: 4

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365 Outfit Challenge - week 2

Week 2 of the 365 Outfit Challenge! Week 2 has been a bit harder than last week... although looking back it didn't seem that bad, so maybe it was just me being tired.  In order to rest up from work exertions, I've been avoiding the gym (bad) and spending time hanging out with friends and doing How I Met Your Mother marathons (good).

Anyhoo here's how week 2 went! You can follow all the lives updates on my Twitter and by searching the hashtag #365outfit!

Striped shirt, Zara | Floral tunic dress, Urban Outfitters | Charm bracelet, Pandora | Leggings, Costco

A perennial favourite outfit combination of mine, I've really grown to love combining stripes and flowers!  It's a combination I don't see too often and it always looks fresh.

Shirt, American Eagle | Camisole, Club Monaco | Skirt, Lucca Couture | Tights, H&M | Boots, MNG | Belt, H&M

For the life of me I cannot remember where this skirt came from!  Only the tag tells me the brand, but from what store??  Perhaps I need to lay off the wine for a bit...  This outfit went through a few iterations.  Originally it was just the shirt, but then to be warmer I added a tee underneath.  Then I wore it with the button-down shirt tucked into the skirt, but the resulting silhouette was too puffy so I decided to pull it loose.  The result?  Hmm jury's still out, but I do know I love the ingredients of this outfit - it's just that the result needs some tweaking.

Sweater, Aritzia | Jeans, Citizens of Humanity 

Here's my comfy day.  I was just too lazy on this day to dress up so I opted for one of my favourite sweaters and a comfy loose pair of jeans.  One doesn't always want to look like they're trying hard, no?

Tee, from a swap | Skirt, Aritzia | Sweater coat, Urban Outfitters | Leggings, Costco | Knee-socks, Betsy Johnson

This day's outfit was supposed to be another lazy day as well, complete with a toque to cover strange bedhead, but then I remembered we were supposed to have clients in the office and to look "presentable," so I threw on a skirt over my leggings and tied back my hair. Voila.

Knit sweater, vintage | Leopard print skirt, vintage Shoppalu | Bracelets, gifted

I quite like how this sweater is soft like cashmere (it's not ) and has that sort of retro tee-shirt sweater look that goes so well with skirts like this!  Previously I thought skirts this length, which come just below the knee weren't flattering on me as I'm so short, but I'm beginning to grow into liking it! 

Stay tuned for next week's recap and remember to follow me on Twitter for daily updates!

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KnowShow 2012 Tradeshow - January 18-20

I was lucky enough to snag an invite to opening night.  If it's as great as the last time, I'll be sure to find tons of things I want to buy!!

Check out KnowShow here.

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365 Outfit Challenge Week 1

It's been the first week of my 365 outfit challenge and so far, things have been going good!  When I first started blogging, I would go to sleep thinking about what I'd want to wear the next day, and what new combinations I could do with my clothes, but as time went on, I slowly started losing my will to create.  I'm hopeful that this challenge will bring me back into my love for fashion.  The flame is still there I know, but currently it's more of a candle, than a toasty campfire.

Here's how week 1 went. Be sure to follow me on Twitter (click here), or search #365outfit to get a daily feed of my outfits!

Sweater, BDG | Leather shorts, Bedo | Leather boots, Hush Puppies | Charm bracelet, Pandora

This outfit makes me very happy because it contains 2 items I've been searching ages for: a mustard item, and leather shorts.  The shorts were a Boxing week find - 60% off! And my hair? Out of control.

Tank, RW & Co | Boyfriend cardigan, Urban Outfitters | Amber cocktail ring, online | Leggings, Costco, Ankle boots, MNG | neck warmer, from Mom!

Showing off this awesome white neckwarmer (or cowl) made by my mommy!  Isn't it cute? It's a cozy little cable knit and just right for wearing both in and outdoors.  The rest of this outfit was a poorly calculated display of camel toe.  Luckily I sit most of the day, so hopefully nobody noticed.

Leopard print shirt, Shoppalu | Black tank, RW&Co | Green skirt, Aritzia | Knee-high stockings, Urban Outfitters | Leather boots, Hush Puppies

This outfit made me very happy as I got a compliment as soon as I walked into the office from one of my coworkers who says she always enjoys my outfits!  That just made my day.  If you ever see someone and you really like their outfit, definitely take that leap and tell them - they will appreciate and remember you always :)

Peach sweatshirt, Aritzia | Cobalt skinnies, TopShop

Lounging around on a rare Saturday home.  Rainy days make me want to go nowhere and my stinginess for paying expensive heating bills made me stay in my little room all day long!  It's ok, I was perfectly happy to lounge in bed with my iPad.  I cannot wait for sunnier mornings so I can take properly exposed photos.  My camera phone just can't handle poor lighting.

Sweater dress, H&M | Bracelet, vintage

Finally had some time to take a proper photo!  If I had a different sweater dress to wear for each day of the week, I would - these things are damn comfortable and stylish.  Like I always say to Mr. Artist, it's possible to be fashionable while maintaining comfort!

Stay tuned for next week's recap of my outfit challenge, follow me on Twitter for the live updates and let me know what you think in the comments!

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Quick Sesame Somen with 5-spice Beef and Baby Spinach

Check out this fancy 2 handled serving dish my mom got me for Christmas! It kinda resembles a mini wok don't you think?  Unfortunately, you're not supposed to cook with it, but I'm already envisioning steaming some nice fish in here.

For dinner tonight, I wanted to prepare something quick and easy - however I had little to no food in my fridge.  Solution: somen noodles with sesame oil.  This quick dish is full of subtle flavours and color.  It's also quite healthy (I think) since somen noodles are very thin, like angel hair pasta, and of course spinach has loads of nutrients.


  • 1 bushel of Japanese somen noodles
  • 1 serving of lean steak
  • 1 tbsp of Chinese 5-spice powder
  • Baby spinach
  • 1 tbsp of sesame oil, or as desired
Cut the steak into thin strips and sprinkle with 5-spice powder on both sides, patting in the spice to set it.  In a medium-heat saucepan, put a bit of cooking oil and when the pan feels hot, add in the beef.  Cook to desired doneness on either side- this shouldn't take more than a couple minutes on each side.  Once the beef is almost done, throw in as much spinach as you can handle and toss around in the pan.  The spinach will shrink rapidly so add in way more than you think you should.

Meanwhile, boil 1 cup of water in a pot and when the water is steaming, add your noodles.  Since somen are so thin, the noodles will cook really fast.  Once the noodles are cooked (do a taste test here), strain out the water and pour into your bowl.  Immediate drizzle the noodles with the sesame oil, mix, taste and repeat if necessary.  Add beef and spinach and eat!

Time: 15 minutes
Serves: 1

SMART for 2012!

I'm giving in. I usually try not to do posts that everyone and their grandma are doing on their blog, but really this  resolutions post is more for me, than it is for you. Obviously, generousness is not one of my resolutions.

From what I've read, a key factor to making goals stick, is by defining them properly.  Since I'm a huge word nerd for concise, clear, definitions, of course my resolutions are going to try to follow this principle.  To help, I'm enlisting the SMART criteria, which is a common technique for defining good goals.

For a goal to be SMART, it must be:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Timely
So, without further ado, here are my 2012 resolutions, hereby written in Internet stone to be held accountable and fully lamented  celebrated by me in December over vodka shots egg nog.

Do less, better: this is a biggie.  Anyone who knows me knows I seem to pack myself full of activities and sure it's fun doing them, but it also leaves me feeling rather tired and out of sorts, so this year I resolve to not beat myself up if I decide not to volunteer for something, or write a bunch of blog posts for everyday. 

Become a better cook: I have a bunch of cookbooks, so I'd like to actually learn from them! Inspired by watching Julie & Julia, I want to try out a new recipe at least 1-2 times a week. I'm also going to post about my cooking adventures so stay tuned! The first cookbook we'll be tackling is "Noodles for 2" by Vicki Liley.

Exercise at least 3 times per week: I definitely notice a difference between how I feel when I am, and when I'm not, physically active, so I'd like to get to my fitness high point, where I was working out and doing yoga regularly.  Crow pose, you are my goal!

365 challenge: Lately I've been feeling rather uninspired by the dark, wet Vancouver weather and haven't been taking hardly any outfit posts, so in order to reinvigorate my wardrobe, I took a hint from Indonesian blogger TigerLily of Two Thousand Things. For the past 2 years, she's challenged herself to never wear the same outfit twice and she's actually done it! Her style is amazing, so I recommend you check her out. I highly doubt I'll be able to do quite the same thing, but I'm challenging myself to at least document my style more by trying to take and post my daily outfits! I'll post up weekly recaps for you all here, but you can also check out the daily feed on Twitter!

I'd love to hear what your resolutions are for the new year and how you plan to stick to them, so please tell me in the comments!