365 Outfit Challenge Week 1

It's been the first week of my 365 outfit challenge and so far, things have been going good!  When I first started blogging, I would go to sleep thinking about what I'd want to wear the next day, and what new combinations I could do with my clothes, but as time went on, I slowly started losing my will to create.  I'm hopeful that this challenge will bring me back into my love for fashion.  The flame is still there I know, but currently it's more of a candle, than a toasty campfire.

Here's how week 1 went. Be sure to follow me on Twitter (click here), or search #365outfit to get a daily feed of my outfits!

Sweater, BDG | Leather shorts, Bedo | Leather boots, Hush Puppies | Charm bracelet, Pandora

This outfit makes me very happy because it contains 2 items I've been searching ages for: a mustard item, and leather shorts.  The shorts were a Boxing week find - 60% off! And my hair? Out of control.

Tank, RW & Co | Boyfriend cardigan, Urban Outfitters | Amber cocktail ring, online | Leggings, Costco, Ankle boots, MNG | neck warmer, from Mom!

Showing off this awesome white neckwarmer (or cowl) made by my mommy!  Isn't it cute? It's a cozy little cable knit and just right for wearing both in and outdoors.  The rest of this outfit was a poorly calculated display of camel toe.  Luckily I sit most of the day, so hopefully nobody noticed.

Leopard print shirt, Shoppalu | Black tank, RW&Co | Green skirt, Aritzia | Knee-high stockings, Urban Outfitters | Leather boots, Hush Puppies

This outfit made me very happy as I got a compliment as soon as I walked into the office from one of my coworkers who says she always enjoys my outfits!  That just made my day.  If you ever see someone and you really like their outfit, definitely take that leap and tell them - they will appreciate and remember you always :)

Peach sweatshirt, Aritzia | Cobalt skinnies, TopShop

Lounging around on a rare Saturday home.  Rainy days make me want to go nowhere and my stinginess for paying expensive heating bills made me stay in my little room all day long!  It's ok, I was perfectly happy to lounge in bed with my iPad.  I cannot wait for sunnier mornings so I can take properly exposed photos.  My camera phone just can't handle poor lighting.

Sweater dress, H&M | Bracelet, vintage

Finally had some time to take a proper photo!  If I had a different sweater dress to wear for each day of the week, I would - these things are damn comfortable and stylish.  Like I always say to Mr. Artist, it's possible to be fashionable while maintaining comfort!

Stay tuned for next week's recap of my outfit challenge, follow me on Twitter for the live updates and let me know what you think in the comments!

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  1. Did u use Little Photo for the photo decoration effects? Nice, and cute outfits as always Jordana!! ^-^

    Love ur new blog layout too btw! hehe

  2. I signed up for bloglovin for you. LOL--I really had been avoiding it. I hope your posts show up in my reader. =)

  3. Love love this :) Good luck with this mini challenge (or not so mini). Congratulations on the big move, I'll have to update my reading list on my blog now ;)!

    P.S. Cobalt skinnies rule, I'm trying to figure out whether I can make mine office friendly (just kidding, it's not even close to a casual friday).

  4. I can't follow you in this account because there's no google friend connect and for some reason blogger doesn't get the url to load the new posts in my updates..
    I'll keep passing by tho :)


  5. Such a great post, I like it!!! The photos are simply fab!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???


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