365 Outfit Challenge - week 2

Week 2 of the 365 Outfit Challenge! Week 2 has been a bit harder than last week... although looking back it didn't seem that bad, so maybe it was just me being tired.  In order to rest up from work exertions, I've been avoiding the gym (bad) and spending time hanging out with friends and doing How I Met Your Mother marathons (good).

Anyhoo here's how week 2 went! You can follow all the lives updates on my Twitter and by searching the hashtag #365outfit!

Striped shirt, Zara | Floral tunic dress, Urban Outfitters | Charm bracelet, Pandora | Leggings, Costco

A perennial favourite outfit combination of mine, I've really grown to love combining stripes and flowers!  It's a combination I don't see too often and it always looks fresh.

Shirt, American Eagle | Camisole, Club Monaco | Skirt, Lucca Couture | Tights, H&M | Boots, MNG | Belt, H&M

For the life of me I cannot remember where this skirt came from!  Only the tag tells me the brand, but from what store??  Perhaps I need to lay off the wine for a bit...  This outfit went through a few iterations.  Originally it was just the shirt, but then to be warmer I added a tee underneath.  Then I wore it with the button-down shirt tucked into the skirt, but the resulting silhouette was too puffy so I decided to pull it loose.  The result?  Hmm jury's still out, but I do know I love the ingredients of this outfit - it's just that the result needs some tweaking.

Sweater, Aritzia | Jeans, Citizens of Humanity 

Here's my comfy day.  I was just too lazy on this day to dress up so I opted for one of my favourite sweaters and a comfy loose pair of jeans.  One doesn't always want to look like they're trying hard, no?

Tee, from a swap | Skirt, Aritzia | Sweater coat, Urban Outfitters | Leggings, Costco | Knee-socks, Betsy Johnson

This day's outfit was supposed to be another lazy day as well, complete with a toque to cover strange bedhead, but then I remembered we were supposed to have clients in the office and to look "presentable," so I threw on a skirt over my leggings and tied back my hair. Voila.

Knit sweater, vintage | Leopard print skirt, vintage Shoppalu | Bracelets, gifted

I quite like how this sweater is soft like cashmere (it's not ) and has that sort of retro tee-shirt sweater look that goes so well with skirts like this!  Previously I thought skirts this length, which come just below the knee weren't flattering on me as I'm so short, but I'm beginning to grow into liking it! 

Stay tuned for next week's recap and remember to follow me on Twitter for daily updates!

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  1. i love everything esp that comfy sweater! in winters i'm all about cozy sweaters :D

  2. Your sweaters look so comfy!!! You're doing a fine job at the 365day challenge. :]

  3. You look great in all the outfits, but I especially like the sweater and jeans.

  4. You really rocked the sweater coat! Love the look~ You should tie your hair back more often ... looks good on ya~

  5. Congrats on the move! I've got a bit of catching up to do!

    And your outfit challenge may inspire me to do the same ... one of these days!!

  6. Love the new blog! All your outfits are soo cute, I love them all! My favorite though has to be the one with the stripe shirt! :)

    xoxo Rosalia


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