Ditch: Bliss clog dissolving cleansing milk

The Product
A deep pore cleansing exfoliator gentle enough for daily use and which acts as a dual function face wash and 5 minute mask.
The Guts
Moisturizers like glycerin, soybean oil, shea butter, and milk proteins.

Price & Packaging
At $28 it's kinda pricy, but I was willing to fork it out if the product was worth it.  Having never tried a Bliss product before, I was hopeful.

This cleanser was crap!!!  I was really tempted to throw it out except that I had paid so much for it, I felt compelled to use it all.  Not only did I have to use a lot of product for my face to feel clean at all, I also had to use MULTIPLE toner pads in order to get my face clean.  I was literally disgusted when I would wipe my face with toner after as I always do, and lift away the cotton ball and see it BROWN.  Now considering that I have a normal skin type, and I don't wear a full face of foundation, I find that to be a terrible result.  The only way to get a clean face with this cleanser is to use lots of product and wash your face twice per sitting.  Not exactly efficient.

In 140 characters or less: About as good as washing with water.

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  1. BOOOO!! it's awful when you get a product and it totally let's you down. sort of how i felt with the stila smudge pot in black and the laura mercier tinted lip balm :(

  2. Crappy cleansers are such a bummer. I've only tried Bliss' Youth as We Know It cleanser and it was ok but nothing special. I love their Detoxifying Toner though.

  3. Yikes! I don't know if you've ever written a review like this before. Sometimes you just instantly know if a beauty product doesn't hit its mark. Unfortunately at the the cost of your wallet :( I do appreciate your heads up on this product though!

  4. The only thing worse than paying a lot for something is when's it's terrible to boot and you feel compelled to use it all to justify the cost. Sadly, I have a whole box full of items just like this. Online reviews are the most helpful thing, so maybe you'll keep someone else from making the same mistake.

  5. Wow, that's a lot of money for nothing.

    Your posts don't show up in my reader, but thankfully I get an occasional e-mail about your posts.

    Hope you had a good weekend.

  6. I'm loving your new blog, gal! And wow, thanks for your honest review.

  7. oh no. I feel the same way about my Dermalogica facial wash.

  8. I feel the same way about Philosophy one-step cleanser. It's garbage (sorry for the harsh word). Thanks for the review. I think I'm sticking to my Boscia facial wash for now...until I find something better.


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