365 Outfit Challenge: week 7

Woohoo no repeats this week!  I'm also super pumped because I've had a couple people ask me about my 365 challenge!  I'm so excited that there are actually people out there that care!! Sure, they were all people I knew, but still!  My sister in particular seems very interested.  She's been a great source for ideas on how to keep things spicy in terms of post ideas, so thanks Big Sis!

White tank: RW&Co | Floral tank: Aritzia | Button-down: American Eagle | Cobalt jeans: TopShop 

I'm quite pleased with this outfit. I like all the cheery blues and the floral reminds me that Spring is coming...someday.  Incidentally I also match my phone.  Lately I've been pondering getting more colored denim.  It seems like all the nice ones are so pricy, but really in my daydreams I fantasize about stepping out in some hot red, baby pink, or burgundy denim.  Really, someone should invent reversible denim so you could have 2 colors in one jean! (Note: all who read this automatically agree to be under a non-disclosure agreement to this amazing idea)

Polka dot sheer top: Zara | Dress: Winners | Boyfriend cardigan: Urban Outfiters | Belt: American Apparel

Even though I know American Apparel is full of expensive hipster basics, I also know that I'm in love with expensive hipster basics.  I've been trying to figure out how to categorize my style, but I'm having a really hard time separating what styles I admire and love, but which I don't really embody in real life.  Could I say I'm a vintage hipster kawaii wannabe??

Sweater: Jacob | Faux leather skirt: Urban Outfitters | Watch: Invicta | Bracelets: gifted

Cranberry is a really amazing color.  I have yet to see it look like crap on anyone.  It's not super red, which can be tough for some to pull off, and it's not super bright, which the fashionably conservative don't like, but it's also a color, which satisfies people like me.  I seem to like wearing color when it's dark and grey out, and black when it's sunny.  Some would call that contradictory.

Scarf: Vintage | Tee: Club Monaco | Skirt: Winners | Booties: MNG | Bracelets: gifted

I basically based this outfit on the accessories: these bangles gifted to me by the fun-loving Elisse, and this scarf I picked up during a recent retail therapy session.  I found this scarf for $10 at a somewhat sketchy looking vintage shop near a scuzzy part of town aka. where my too-trendy-to-care office resides.  Working in this part of town makes me feel chic like Samantha from SATC and her meat-packing district digs.  I don't think I'll be making friends with any ladies of the night though as 1) I work during the day and 2) the locals here are nowhere near as fabulous.

That's all for this week!  Be sure to follow my daily 365 updates on my Twitter here and at the hashtag #365outfit!

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Winner announcement + Most terrifying beauty treatment I've ever done

I've got a couple things to share with you readers today!  I'm very excited to announce the winner of my first giveaway on my new blog!  Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to enter. I wish you could all win :)  At the end, it was up to fate to decide and the winner is...


@Sanazj if you read this, please contact me! I'll also be tweeting you to collect your gift card to Vienne Milano

Now, onto the second piece of this post.  Last month I was very pleased to be approached by online makeup retailer Glow and Glamour to review several of their latest products.  The owner, Kang Pheng, is such a sweetheart and you can really tell she just puts her heart and soul behind her site, even appearing in her own promo videos!  It's nice to see the people behind the company standing behind their products and Kang Pheng is just another young woman like myself, trying her to appear her best.

Glow and Glamour were super generous and sent me over a bunch of products to try.  The site specializes in selling brands popular in Asia like Dolly Wink, and the products seem to cater to that market with its focus on contact lenses and false eyelashes.  There's quite a few beauty products as well though and one I've recently tried is the Exfoliating Peeling Sheet from Korean brand LUS (Lovely Your Skin).  

Designed to gently and thoroughly remove the dead skin cells from your feet, this monthly sheet treatment promises to leave you with "baby's feet."  I was immediately skeptical as I have hereditary dry feet and a propensity to like being barefoot, so any foot treatment would have to have super powers to affect my dry heels and toes!  

To use, the box instructed me to take the paper mask enclosed and wrap it around my freshly washed and dried feet.  Then I had to encase my feet in the provided plastic socks for two hours:

The sheet was cool and soaked with product, similar to regular face mask sheets.  After a few minutes, my feet had a nice tingly feeling, but other than that no magic could I discern happening.  After 2 hours, I washed my feet and went to bed.

On the box it told me that after a few days my feet would begin peeling off the dead skin cells, revealing fresh newly soft skin beneath.  

It's been a few days now and I'm shocked.

My feet are positively molting.  

It's quite scary.  I am literally waking up with flakes of skin all over my bed that I have to painstakingly clean up.  I'm not sure where all this skin is coming from, but it doesn't seem to be ending soon.  What have I done to myself???  Is this really how the process is supposed to happen?? Will I actually end up with beautiful, soft feet, or have I just poisoned myself?

Update post to be continued...

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Holy shit Adele is gorgeous

Check out how stunningly fabulous Adele is here in the March issue of Vogue.  You rock it girl.  Ethereal voice, gorgeous looks, and judging by the ensuing interview, a bad-ass personality? Adele is certainly girl-crush-worthy.

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365 Outfit Challenge: week 6

Argh 2 more repeats this week! My Zara black cardigan with the shoulder patches and my chunky Talula sweater have somehow snaked their way in from last week into this week.  It's getting harder to remember what I have, and haven't worn and I'm beginning to think I'll have to employ some better strategies to avoid this.

My current strategy is to rotate through my drawers and closet, pulling out an item from the bottom of the drawer, and trying to work something with it.  This can get hard when it comes to the t-shirt drawer and it's drizzling like crazy outside.  Perhaps I'll have to start putting together my outfits the night before when I'm more awake?  Does anyone have any ideas how I can keep things fresh?

Leopard print sheer blouse: gifted from Shoppalu | Knit bandage skirt: Winners | Purse: Aldo | Wool & cashmere camel coat: T. Babaton| Thigh-high boots: Hong Kong

I wore this out to a fashion event recently.  This was a tricky outfit to put together as I knew I'd have to walk a couple blocks in the rain, so pumps were out of the question, and I wanted to dress up yet not be super dressy.  I think this outfit had just the right mix of both.  The above the knee skirt paired with tall heeled boots says sexy, as does the sheer blouse, but keeps it business-like with the long sleeves.  Hint, don't show ladies!

Ruffled tank: Urban Outfitters | Skirt: Aritzia | Boots: Hush Puppies

This cardigan is a major recycle item.  I've had it in my closet literally since I was a teenager!  I had actually earmarked it for the donation bin, but relented when I gave it another once-over.  How could I give this piece up, with its darling tiny embroidered flowers and mother of pearl buttons?  Like a bad relationship, I just can't seem to let this one go.

Leopard sheer blouse: gifted via Shoppalu | Leggings: Costco

A lazy day outfit.  The only original thing I did was roll up the sleeves.  Actually I think most of my days are lazy days.  When will I ever say I'm having a "complicated day outfit???"

Silk scarf: Tory Burch | Sweater: Zara | Leggings: Costco

I'm really falling in love with scarfs lately. Wool, silk, cotton - you name it, I love it and probably own it.  Somehow I've amassed a collection of many patterns and colors, but it's the silk patterned scarfs that really have me at this moment.  Now if only I could find a good video teaching how to tie them...

Sweater: Talula | Skirt: Aritzia | Necklace: Guess | Boots: Hush Puppies | Owl ring: LA

Again with this sweater! Seriously, I need to buy more over-sized sweaters so I don't wear this one so much, yet I've also imposed a sweater buying ban on myself as I really have too many.  This is quite the pickle readers yet not unusual for me to get into.  What's a girl to do?

Be sure to follow my daily 365 updates on my Twitter here and at the hashtag #365outfit!

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World Music Fashion Festival featuring Or by Angela Chen

A couple weekends ago, I was invited by the lovely Vonnie of Oh So Vonnie to attend the launch party for the World Music Fashion Festival.  It was also the opening of chic new lounge, 0755, in the heart of Richmond.  Kind of an odd place for a lounge if you ask me, particularly since it's in the same complex as Pearl Castle, but hey who am I refuse free drinks, tapas and fashion?

According the press release, the World Music Festival is "a multi city tour that provides a platform for western talent to develop connections with Mainland China and enjoy international brand exposure. The tour is attended by industry professionals, government officials, business representatives and VIPs and through our media partners, reaches an audience of millions. In 2011, the WMFF tour took place in 5 cities of China, Shanghai Dalian, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Neijiang and received numerous good reviews and [praise] from the cities they visited."

Attendees were greeted by a display of hot cars and a hot crowd of photographers, industry people and models.  I almost became a model myself as I was accidentally ushered into backstage when I arrived by a hostess!  Perhaps it was my somewhat annoyed aura after I had walked for blocks in the rain to get to the venue (damn you Google Maps and your not to scale directions!!).  After a few canapes and champagnes though, I was feeling eons better, especially because I got to hang with one of my favourite tweeps, @karrabarron!

Isn't she lovely? 

While the lounge was super nice, I was rather disappointed by the food, which was seriously overpriced.  Really, who is going to pay $14 for a teeny bowl of fettuccine when they could go over to Pearl Castle and get a heaping bowl of fried squid tentacles for less than $10?!

After two hours of trying to look cool while roaming the crowd for free food, I was quite ready for the fashion show, which was showcasing designs by Vancouver designer Angela Chen.  Born in Taiwan and raised in Vancouver, Angela is a local fashion success story.  Since graduating from Parsons in NYC, her fashions have debuted on runways in Vancouver, Shanghai, and New York and she counts Coco Rocha among her list of clients.

As "media," we were granted runway side seats.  The show was definitely worth the wait as model after model strolled by wearing delicately knit skirts, dresses, and shrugs.  Sadly, these are the best photos I managed to capture.  I really need to get a better lens!

My second favourite look of the show, this slouchy off the shoulder sweater stalks the line between comfort and sexy with bold confidence.  The styling here with the crazy-dreamy curls is just fantastic too. Very sexy, very modern.

Perfect for wearing during the day or night, this was my favourite look of the night, hands-down.  Definitely love the defined waist and shoulders, the fitted yet loose silhouette, the monochrome color and that splash of lace detail at the pockets.  So hot!

You can find Angela Chen's clothing in Vancouver at The True's in Aberdeen, and at The Velvet Room Boutique on W. 41st.  Her line is also available at various stores and online retailers.

Psst, have you checked out my giveaway yet?

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What's for dinner: Simple chicken noodle soup - Asian style

Whenever I, or my roommate enter our place and see the other cooking, we know that 90% of the time we are cooking one thing: noodle soup.  Being both lovers of noodles and soup, and noodles in soup, we've become experts at creating healthy, yummy variations of this tried-and-true Asian meal.

For this dinner, I played around with some leftover ingredients I had from a previous meal to make this light, flavourful broth.  Definitely recommend this one for any chilly night!

To make, you'll need:
  • 1 packet of rice noodles, or pho noodles
  • Chicken stock
  • Mushrooms
  • Chicken breast, sliced
  • Cilantro
  • Spinach
  • 2 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp rice wine

Bring 1.5 cups of water and 0.5 cups of chicken broth to a boil.  Add soy sauce, rice wine and chicken.  Cook chicken thoroughly.  Add noodles and cook for 2 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Add mushrooms and cook for 30s.  Turn off heat and stir in spinach and cilantro. Serve immediately.  Makes 2 bowls of this:

Doesn't that just look delicious?
Don't forget to enter my giveaway too!

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365 Outfit Challenge: week 5

I got a burst of creative energy last week.  Perhaps it was due to my high with finally starting back on my workout routine!  My workout partner and I have created a system where whoever bails on a workout has to pay the other $20.  Now, $20 can buy me a lot of Chicken McNuggets so damn right I am not going to ever let that slip out of my hot fingers!!

Anyhoo here's how week 3 went! Remember, you can follow all the lives updates on my Twitter and by searching the hashtag #365outfit!

Dress, cardigan: Zara 

Good lord, when I told Mr. Artist he could just walk in blind into Zara and buy me anything out of there, I was not kidding.  This outfit (minus undies and tights) is entirely from Zara.  I think I like that store way too much.  Zara PR people if you're out there, you should really engage me in some sort of endorsement deal!  I will whore myself out for free clothes!

 Sweater: Talula | Flats: gifted, Hong Kong | Necklace: Forever 21 | Jeggings: Aldo

Really am loving this chunky knit sweater so much this season.  I think it's because it's one of my only chunky knit sweaters.  One of my coworkers asked me a very strange question recently.  Having noticed I was wearing flats the last few days, he asked me in a hushed tone "Are you pregnant??"  At least he didn't think I was fat!  Don't worry, I took it as hilarious rather than bitch-slap worthy.  If he asked me this on a Monday however...

 Bow tank: Taiwan | Shirt: American Eagle | Cuff: vintage | Leggings: Costco | Shoes: Toms

I miss wearing my Toms.  When I posted this outfit, I tweeted how I still had leftover grains of sand from when I wore my Toms to the beach.  Rather than feel annoying, it made me feel nostalgic for lazy summer days.  How I long for the time of year when this outfit could be worn comfortably out at night.  Oooh and I love how my legs look so skinny here somehow!!

 Long-sleeve tee: Tension | Leather belt: Danier | Skirt: Zara | Boots: Hush Puppies | Purse: Aldo

What I wore out for a girl's night Friday.  It's always kinda tricky to know what to wear on girl nights because you start out at dinner and then you never know if it's going to segue into drinks and dancing, or just to dessert.  On this night, my stalwart wing-girl and I realized that bar-hopping isn't as fun when neither of you are single any longer.  I did have a neat conversation with a marine engineer though from Alaska!

Tank: Haus of Urban | Cardigan, skirt: Zara

Ye gads, my first repeat of the year!  Well, kinda.  I wore the skirt and the cardigan both separately in other outfits from this week, but in my defense they are both new items and worn separately during day and night outfits, and well they're new so screw you, I want to wear them!

Studded bracelet: Ishara | Silver bracelet: Pandora | Necklace, sweater: Forever 21 | Cobalt jeans: TopShop 

Finally, an outfit devoid of Zara!  Just some casual wear for the office.  I tried to spice it up a bit though by adding some jewelry to the mix.  When in doubt, accessorize it out!

That's all for this week!  Stay tuned for next week's recap and as always get the daily updates on my Twitter!

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PS. Did you enter my Get Glam with Vienne Milano giveaway yet??

Get glamourous with my VienneMilano giveaway!

Who doesn't love a little luxury in their lives?  With the fast paced slide into corporate monotony and the ever-decreasing glamour factor from modern celebs, a little old-fashioned beauty can be hard to find.  Luckily, Vienne Cheung of the new online boutique VienneMilano wants to bring back that touch of class and style to our lives and I have to say that I wholeheartedly welcome it!

Frustrated by how her world travels only showed how much North America was lacking in affordable, luxury goods, Vienne decided to be the solution, not the problem and created an online business which would allow her to provide her fellow North Americans with the same affordable, high quality, hosiery that she found all over Europe and Asia.  

Manufactured in Italy, VienneMilano tights mix Old World quality with modern day style.  I was fortunate enough to receive a pair of free thigh-highs from Vienne and I have to say they are FABULOUS!  My thigh-highs were a pair of opaque plum colored knit tights with a cute band featuring tiny purple sequins.

What made these thigh-highs ever so perfect was their unique silicone band that kept the tights on my legs all through a night of sweaty dancing - without pinching my legs!  All other thigh-highs, or even knee-socks, all had either super tight elastic bands, or were so loose that I had to keep tugging them up all night.  My VienneMilano tights however stayed up and made me feel like I was wearing nothing... but hotness.

Tee: Club Monaco | Belt: Olivia Boutique | Faux leather skirt: Urban Outfitters | Tights: VienneMilano | Watch: Invicta

Since I love VienneMilano so much, I want to share the love with you!  All Just J readers are eligible to receive a 20% discount - just use "JUSTJ" at the checkout.

But wait, there's more!

You can also win the chance to win a FREE $50 gift credit to VienneMilano just by doing the following:
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This contest is open internationally and will run until Feb. 24, 2012.

Good luck everyone and happy shopping!

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Happy sappy super commercialized, but I still kinda fall for it holiday!

Argh the nerdiness just melts my heart.  How can you say no to this? How did this nerdy guy get such a gorgeous girlfriend??

I'll be celebrating it low-key tonight with my own lovable nerd.  Whether you're single or taken, I hope you're celebrating Valentines Day with someone you love and lots of wine.

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Sneak peek for next week!

Some goodies I got delivered to me recently! Stay tuned to see what they are!

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Get up close & personal: with your belly

No, this is DEFINITELY not a picture of my belly.  There is no way I would ever be so brave as to do such a thing as post a photo of my naked belly and yet this is exactly what over 75 women did.  In an age of Photoshopped reality, this project by Emily of XOJane is truly mind-altering.  

Composed entirely of slide after slide of belly, the Real Girl Belly Project documents the thoughts and images of 75 women and their waistlines.  Considering we spend so much of our lives obsessing over our middles, it's surprising how little we know about our own.  Ranging in age and physique, the sentiments over our guts vary from kinda self-loathing, to outright adoration and most shockingly, the latter isn't always from the toned and slim.  

Frankly, I'm a bit envious of the one above, which looks toned and has a nice hourglass shape to it, but the owner of this one herself only pointed out the impression left from her tights and the way one of her ribs sticks slightly out.  

Why do we women insist on being overly meticulous about our bodies?  Instead of picking out the flaws, why can't we recognize them as minor, or even, just maybe something to celebrate?  Is it really that boastful to say "Hey, my belly is damn beautiful!" 

Many of the bellies shown here had scars, lines, and fat, but their owners wore them proudly as scars of survival, lines drawn from childbirth, and fat gained after a struggle with an eating disorder.  It was a revelation to me to see these.  Our bodies are not plasticized dolls that should never be unwrapped; they are real, they are raw, and etched with every experience of our lives.

Today I looked secretly at my belly.  It is far from perfect and the one area of my body I am deeply self-conscious of.  It is soft, flabby, and quite honestly, I have the curves of a boy in that I have no hourglass whatsoever.  I wriggle away whenever anyone tries to touch me there claiming ticklishness, when at least partially it's because I'm petrified of them feeling flab, instead of ab.  I suppose I should learn to love my belly, but I don't.  I actually cannot think of any reason to, except to think "It could be worse."  I know I'm supposed to tell you otherwise, but I can only be honest.  How do you learn to love what you hate the most about yourself?  So far, I've just been trying to find other things to love and it seems to work mostly, but the belly is always there.  It's the elephant in the room and while I haven't been able to shove it out, maybe by learning from these other women, I can learn to maybe love it, even if just a little.  

Today I looked at my belly.  And I thought to myself that something needs to change and it doesn't just involve sit-ups.

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365 Outfit Challenge: Week 4

Wow - I cannot believe I've made it through the first month of my 365 challenge!!  I feel super pumped writing this as it has not been nearly as difficult as I thought to not repeat any outfits.  Sure, not all of them have been uber interesting, but at least they have all been different!  

So far I've noticed that I seem to love wearing cardigans, but who can blame me? They are like the ketchup of fashion - they go with everything! And just like ketchup, I do love me a good cardigan.  

Just to keep things interesting, I've decided to list the top 3 items from each month.  These repeating elements in my wardrobe are a big hint to me of a purchase well spent and a great indicator of what truly is an investment piece - and what should really just be left on that rack.

Top 3 for January:
  •  Urban Outfitters grey sweater cardigan and here - these babies are a perennial in my closet. Always warm and layerable with ANYTHING.  
  • Hush Puppies leather flat knee-high boots - another no-brainer on the investment piece list.  A pair of leather knee-high boots truly are something every woman should have.  Versatile, comfortable, classic, and if you get waterproof ones like mine, truly amazing for Vancouver style.
Thanks to everyone whose been following me on this sartorial journey - I hope things will only get more interesting as the year progresses! And for those who aren't following... why not?!  Check out the weekly recaps here, or follow me on Twitter for daily updates!

Sheer blouse: H&M | Bracelet: vintage, Shoppalu

It was super dark this day for some reason so I couldn't get a good full-length shot.  

 Cardigan: H&M | Faux leather shorts: Bedo | Leggings: Costco

I don't know what is up with my face in this photo.  Really need to explore posing options with my phone.  Prepare for upside down photos people.

Top: Michael Kors | Boyfriend cardigan: Urban Outfitters | Leggings: Outnet 

When I purchased this Michael Kors top, I was enamored with its built-in necklace and the rich navy color, but goddamn it is difficult to wear.  This top basically only looks good on me tucked into pencil skirts.  The problem is its silhouette, which is billowy and then tucked in at the bottom.  Truly not meant for anyone with hips, or say the general female population.  Oh well, I will persevere!

 Polka-dot top: Zara | Cashmere tank: Mongolia | Lace skirt: Lucca couture

Yeaa that's right, this sweater tank is from Mongolia bitches!  No I didn't go there, though I would love to try out a yurt.  My bro-in-law went there ages ago on a business trip and brought me back this sweater!  Possibly made from authentic Mongolian yak? 

 Tee: Club Monaco | Denim: Citizens of Humanity | Flats, necklace: Hong Kong | Bracelets: vintage Shoppalu, Pandora

Super cas today.  It was sunny out so busted out the flats!! People get uber excited here in Vancouver when it's sunny in winter.  Like excited as in actually sunbathing on the beach in full bikinis excited.  I get cold when wearing a bikini in July.  What is wrong with these people???

Tee: Club Monaco | Jacket: H&M | Necklace: Hong Kong

Here is my infamous "tin foil" jacket!!  I haven't gotten the guts to wear this to work yet.  I don't quite know how they would handle it... though there are more women in this office so they might just throw down their keyboards and celebrate with me on just how fab this jacket is.

Until next week!

Oh and do you want to win some free fashiony stuff? Then check out the giveaway my fav online store is hosting!

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Ditch: Deborah Lippman sparkle nail polish

I always love supporting my fellow Canadians, so when Nail Polish Canada, a Canadian online mecca for anything nail related, offered me a chance to check out the new Deborah Lippmann holiday collection, I jumped at it.... and then rested on my ass for a month.  Yeah, well it was the holidays. So eventually January came and I finally remembered that hey, I should probably write this review! Luckily, it's going to be amazing.

The Product
Deborah Lippmann polishes were developed by its namesake, who is a celebrity manicurist whose resume includes the likes of Beyonce, SJP, and even Lady Gaga, and her polishes are known for their remarkable color and quality.

Price & Packaging
You can purchase this shade for $22 for a standard 15mL size.  Now if you ask me, the prize is the biggest con against this otherwise fab product.  $22 for anything makeup-related is a pretty big price if you ask me, so it had better be worth it.

For this review, I received one of the newer shades to the line, Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? which is a rich, festive red sparkle.

Since I was past Christmas, I didn't want to do anything that was very festive looking, so I looked instead towards the next holiday fast approaching: Valentines Day.  Whether you're happily hooked up, or happily swinging, a fun nail polish in Valentines color will give you a little perk come February 14.

I opted to pair the red sparkles with a deep red-purple polish, namely OPI's I'm with Brad, which although it looks quite red in my photos is actually more this color.  I didn't want to overdo it with an all over sparkle, so I opted just to do the tips.

The sparkles are nice and big, which gives a really chunky, almost digitized effect that's quite pleasing and much better than the finer glitter polishes of my pre-teen years.  The wand did pick up a lot of sparkles per brush, but it was really difficult to get a good coating of sparkles without also getting a huge drop of clear polish.  That's not the fault of this brand though; I would guess that most sparkle polishes are the same?  Why can't they create a sparkle polish with a really high ratio of sparkles to polish?

The finished effect, though it took awhile to apply and dry was super pretty though!  I really love the multi-faceted effect happening here!

Of course, 2 minutes after this photo, I happened to scratch my leg through my jeans without thinking and thus smeared half of it on my leg. FML.

In 140 characters or less
Very sparkly, pretty & fun, but way too pricey for me. It's like the Chanel of nail polishes! Love it, can't afford it.

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365 Outfit Challenge Week 3

I cannot believe it's week 3 already!  I'm surprised the outfits this week were even half as decent as they are since my mind was basically mush as I lunged through the week like a zombie through my endless cycle of sleep, work 10+ hour days, and repeat with scattered meals in-between.  Even on the weekend.  Thankfully Mr. Artist is so laid back that he'll still count me being unconscious the whole time we hang out as QT still.  I wonder what he's doing while I'm sleeping??

Anyhoo here's how week 3 went! Remember, you can follow all the lives updates on my Twitter and by searching the hashtag #365outfit!

Cardigan: Forever 21 | Necklace: Forever 21 | Jeans: Citizens of Humanity

My hair actually looks pretty decent here!  In all seriousness though, can anyone recommend a reasonably priced, good stylist downtown?? I also looove this cardigan.  Sure the whole preppy thing might not be too hot right now, but I really don't give a damn. It's prepster stripes and crest make my heart all fuzzy inside.

Poncho: Forever 21 | Ring: Aldo | Bracelets: gifted, vintage, Pandora charm

I was in a really comfy mood this day.  I like how piling on jewelry and a slouchy top can count as stylish.  Derelict at its best!

 Grey beater: swapped | Tee: Club Monaco | Skirt: H&M | Sweater coat: Urban Outfitters | Locket watch necklace: Front & Co.

I always seem to get compliments when I wear this pleated navy skirt.  It's quite nice and swingy and great as a transition piece as it's not too short to expose bare legs to cool breezes.  Lots of layers kept me warm as I needed the sweater coat for walking to/from work, but had to throw it off in my stuffy office.  I like trying to do layers that are unusual, like this racer-back tank over top of a taupe t-shirt.  It's a style I see a lot of in Asian magazines, but not so much with the locals here, so it makes one stand out a bit.

Cashmere tank: Mongolia | Wrap long-sleeve tee: Monk & Lou | Jeans: William Rast | Bracelets: vintage Shoppalu | Toque: gifted

For some reason the toque is what makes this outfit for me.  I'm really into toques this season and this bright blue one was the replacement bought very sweetly for me by Mr. Artist's mom (let's call her Momma Artist) after Mr. Artist's dog, Ecko, ATE my previous one!  Seriously to all the dog owners out there, I know you'll feel my pain.  One second my favourite blue toque was lying innocently on a chair minding its own business.  The next, it was ripped to shreds, its guts spilled across the carpeted floor by this golden, squishy terror. 

Striking fear in the hearts of cotton things everywhere

Scarf: H&M | Wool coat: Soia & Kyo

Just when we begin to think we've rounded the bend with the winter weather, Mother Nature throws us another bout of the freezies.  My strategy this year is to walk as fast as I can, wearing as many layers as possible around my core, like with this chunky knit scarf.  It's fast become a winter favourite this year and for sure, many years to come.  Items like this are an essential for Canadian winters.

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