365 Outfit Challenge: week 5

I got a burst of creative energy last week.  Perhaps it was due to my high with finally starting back on my workout routine!  My workout partner and I have created a system where whoever bails on a workout has to pay the other $20.  Now, $20 can buy me a lot of Chicken McNuggets so damn right I am not going to ever let that slip out of my hot fingers!!

Anyhoo here's how week 3 went! Remember, you can follow all the lives updates on my Twitter and by searching the hashtag #365outfit!

Dress, cardigan: Zara 

Good lord, when I told Mr. Artist he could just walk in blind into Zara and buy me anything out of there, I was not kidding.  This outfit (minus undies and tights) is entirely from Zara.  I think I like that store way too much.  Zara PR people if you're out there, you should really engage me in some sort of endorsement deal!  I will whore myself out for free clothes!

 Sweater: Talula | Flats: gifted, Hong Kong | Necklace: Forever 21 | Jeggings: Aldo

Really am loving this chunky knit sweater so much this season.  I think it's because it's one of my only chunky knit sweaters.  One of my coworkers asked me a very strange question recently.  Having noticed I was wearing flats the last few days, he asked me in a hushed tone "Are you pregnant??"  At least he didn't think I was fat!  Don't worry, I took it as hilarious rather than bitch-slap worthy.  If he asked me this on a Monday however...

 Bow tank: Taiwan | Shirt: American Eagle | Cuff: vintage | Leggings: Costco | Shoes: Toms

I miss wearing my Toms.  When I posted this outfit, I tweeted how I still had leftover grains of sand from when I wore my Toms to the beach.  Rather than feel annoying, it made me feel nostalgic for lazy summer days.  How I long for the time of year when this outfit could be worn comfortably out at night.  Oooh and I love how my legs look so skinny here somehow!!

 Long-sleeve tee: Tension | Leather belt: Danier | Skirt: Zara | Boots: Hush Puppies | Purse: Aldo

What I wore out for a girl's night Friday.  It's always kinda tricky to know what to wear on girl nights because you start out at dinner and then you never know if it's going to segue into drinks and dancing, or just to dessert.  On this night, my stalwart wing-girl and I realized that bar-hopping isn't as fun when neither of you are single any longer.  I did have a neat conversation with a marine engineer though from Alaska!

Tank: Haus of Urban | Cardigan, skirt: Zara

Ye gads, my first repeat of the year!  Well, kinda.  I wore the skirt and the cardigan both separately in other outfits from this week, but in my defense they are both new items and worn separately during day and night outfits, and well they're new so screw you, I want to wear them!

Studded bracelet: Ishara | Silver bracelet: Pandora | Necklace, sweater: Forever 21 | Cobalt jeans: TopShop 

Finally, an outfit devoid of Zara!  Just some casual wear for the office.  I tried to spice it up a bit though by adding some jewelry to the mix.  When in doubt, accessorize it out!

That's all for this week!  Stay tuned for next week's recap and as always get the daily updates on my Twitter!

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  1. what a great motivator for working out! i need something like that! and i love those flats in the second photo!

  2. The cardigan's cute ... and the blue BLUE jeans .. HOT~ =D

  3. Ahh J I am also in love with Zara - they just make easy and chic clothing (not like the uber cheap quality of other fast fashion retailers either!)
    I want cobalt jeans too!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. The plaid skirt is super duper cute!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. Love all of these looks, especially that plaid skirt - so cute! And $20...haha wow. I am a poor student as of right now, I wouldn't miss a single workout if that was the penalty! You look amazing!

    Alexandra xo


  6. You have a lovely style. I love all of you outfits. My favorite this week is the one from Zara. The dress is dreamy.



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