365 Outfit Challenge: week 6

Argh 2 more repeats this week! My Zara black cardigan with the shoulder patches and my chunky Talula sweater have somehow snaked their way in from last week into this week.  It's getting harder to remember what I have, and haven't worn and I'm beginning to think I'll have to employ some better strategies to avoid this.

My current strategy is to rotate through my drawers and closet, pulling out an item from the bottom of the drawer, and trying to work something with it.  This can get hard when it comes to the t-shirt drawer and it's drizzling like crazy outside.  Perhaps I'll have to start putting together my outfits the night before when I'm more awake?  Does anyone have any ideas how I can keep things fresh?

Leopard print sheer blouse: gifted from Shoppalu | Knit bandage skirt: Winners | Purse: Aldo | Wool & cashmere camel coat: T. Babaton| Thigh-high boots: Hong Kong

I wore this out to a fashion event recently.  This was a tricky outfit to put together as I knew I'd have to walk a couple blocks in the rain, so pumps were out of the question, and I wanted to dress up yet not be super dressy.  I think this outfit had just the right mix of both.  The above the knee skirt paired with tall heeled boots says sexy, as does the sheer blouse, but keeps it business-like with the long sleeves.  Hint, don't show ladies!

Ruffled tank: Urban Outfitters | Skirt: Aritzia | Boots: Hush Puppies

This cardigan is a major recycle item.  I've had it in my closet literally since I was a teenager!  I had actually earmarked it for the donation bin, but relented when I gave it another once-over.  How could I give this piece up, with its darling tiny embroidered flowers and mother of pearl buttons?  Like a bad relationship, I just can't seem to let this one go.

Leopard sheer blouse: gifted via Shoppalu | Leggings: Costco

A lazy day outfit.  The only original thing I did was roll up the sleeves.  Actually I think most of my days are lazy days.  When will I ever say I'm having a "complicated day outfit???"

Silk scarf: Tory Burch | Sweater: Zara | Leggings: Costco

I'm really falling in love with scarfs lately. Wool, silk, cotton - you name it, I love it and probably own it.  Somehow I've amassed a collection of many patterns and colors, but it's the silk patterned scarfs that really have me at this moment.  Now if only I could find a good video teaching how to tie them...

Sweater: Talula | Skirt: Aritzia | Necklace: Guess | Boots: Hush Puppies | Owl ring: LA

Again with this sweater! Seriously, I need to buy more over-sized sweaters so I don't wear this one so much, yet I've also imposed a sweater buying ban on myself as I really have too many.  This is quite the pickle readers yet not unusual for me to get into.  What's a girl to do?

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  1. Yay for week 6! Good job ... loved the leopard sheer blouse~ Rawr~ did you wear it twice this week though .. or is that a diff blouse? hahaha

    How to keep things fresh ... Buy new clothes! =D

  2. Okay, you look great, but are you eating enough??? Looking kinda thin.

    About your milk comment, German parents don't tolerate that sort of thing either. I learned one lesson too late--when you get married, your spouse's habits get picked up by the kids. Then you hear people say things like, "Gee, the Ricademus family pours cereal milk down the drain. That's weird!" And you want to say, no, it's the Jones family that does that, but your kids are Ricademus's and they do it...so now it's your family trait. Harrumph!!!

    LOL, jk, it doesn't matter...but it is interesting watching the blending of habits and traditions from the two families. The main caregiver dominates, but I've managed to pass along some of my family traits too. =)

    When I read your comment I was torn between laughing and wanting to give you a big hug for being so right!!!

  3. I always have a couple repeats in a week, usually the same sweater or scarf again and again. So don't freeeet girl! All of these looks are amazing! And if you want amazing sweaters, just hit up H&M's men's section. I get so many sweaters from there all the time! Or the sales section of Club Monaco's men's department too... you can get some seriously great deals on cashmere there.

    Alexandra xo


  4. cute leopard top! I have repeats in a week especially when I purchase new stuff, cuz whats the point of buying something cool and then resisting to wear it? ;)

  5. @henrychen yes I did wear that blouse twice but in my defense one time was at night so only half counts lol

  6. i too would love to keep things fresh! i assume you mean keep things still fashionable? i get so sick of my shirts within days and am constantly throwing them out .


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