Ditch: Deborah Lippman sparkle nail polish

I always love supporting my fellow Canadians, so when Nail Polish Canada, a Canadian online mecca for anything nail related, offered me a chance to check out the new Deborah Lippmann holiday collection, I jumped at it.... and then rested on my ass for a month.  Yeah, well it was the holidays. So eventually January came and I finally remembered that hey, I should probably write this review! Luckily, it's going to be amazing.

The Product
Deborah Lippmann polishes were developed by its namesake, who is a celebrity manicurist whose resume includes the likes of Beyonce, SJP, and even Lady Gaga, and her polishes are known for their remarkable color and quality.

Price & Packaging
You can purchase this shade for $22 for a standard 15mL size.  Now if you ask me, the prize is the biggest con against this otherwise fab product.  $22 for anything makeup-related is a pretty big price if you ask me, so it had better be worth it.

For this review, I received one of the newer shades to the line, Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? which is a rich, festive red sparkle.

Since I was past Christmas, I didn't want to do anything that was very festive looking, so I looked instead towards the next holiday fast approaching: Valentines Day.  Whether you're happily hooked up, or happily swinging, a fun nail polish in Valentines color will give you a little perk come February 14.

I opted to pair the red sparkles with a deep red-purple polish, namely OPI's I'm with Brad, which although it looks quite red in my photos is actually more this color.  I didn't want to overdo it with an all over sparkle, so I opted just to do the tips.

The sparkles are nice and big, which gives a really chunky, almost digitized effect that's quite pleasing and much better than the finer glitter polishes of my pre-teen years.  The wand did pick up a lot of sparkles per brush, but it was really difficult to get a good coating of sparkles without also getting a huge drop of clear polish.  That's not the fault of this brand though; I would guess that most sparkle polishes are the same?  Why can't they create a sparkle polish with a really high ratio of sparkles to polish?

The finished effect, though it took awhile to apply and dry was super pretty though!  I really love the multi-faceted effect happening here!

Of course, 2 minutes after this photo, I happened to scratch my leg through my jeans without thinking and thus smeared half of it on my leg. FML.

In 140 characters or less
Very sparkly, pretty & fun, but way too pricey for me. It's like the Chanel of nail polishes! Love it, can't afford it.

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  1. That Deborah Lippman nail varnish looks amazing!! I've used other versions in silver and gold but that colour is gorgeous. If only $22 was in my price range!


  2. The combination of the two is gorgeous! I'm reminded of Dorothy's ruby slippers for some reason :) I've never tried any Deborah Lippman polishes cause they're too pricey for me as well.

  3. I recently did red and sparkle too with Chanel dragon red and a bottle of CVS bought sparkle. as much as I adore the look, removing sparkles can be quite an effort. do you have a trick?

  4. The layered sparkles make it look deeper than it is. Nice effect.

  5. The layering of those two colours is fantastic! I love the depth it gives when layered.

    Too bad about your pants, I've done that so many times, except with my hair, yikes!!

  6. I would love to own Deborah Lippmann polishes some day but right now, forking more than US$ 10 for a bottle of nail polish is just ridiculous. I don't mind spending US$ 70 on an eyeshadow palette (LOL at my priorities) but I think twice about spending US$ 7 on a nail polish haha >.<

  7. @SG Angela: Another great feature of this polish is that it was fairly easy to remove!

  8. Confession: I'm too cheap to buy expensive nail polish. Can we just have a nail party!? Haha!

  9. Gorgeous nails. Love that red color.

    By the way, I followed you on Bloglovin. And linked your new site on my blog, so I'll always come back - LOL. Stalker much?

    See you soon.

  10. sooo pretty...i will probably buy the cheap essie luxe effects version

  11. i want all the Deborah Lippman glitter nail polishes SO bad! but yeah it's crazy expensive I stil can't bring myself to buy one. sad:(

    i love your blog hehe<3



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