Holy shit Adele is gorgeous

Check out how stunningly fabulous Adele is here in the March issue of Vogue.  You rock it girl.  Ethereal voice, gorgeous looks, and judging by the ensuing interview, a bad-ass personality? Adele is certainly girl-crush-worthy.

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  1. she.is.simply.amazing.

    old school glamour

  2. monica said it - old school beauty. it's ageless. LOVE her. even kayla who is three, loves adele. "rolling in the deep" came on yesterday while we were in a store and she shouted: mommy! this is my favorite song by adele!! she even fanned her face with her hand LOL!!

    gah! why won't blogger link to my Typepad?!?

  3. I agree, she rocks - in every way! my girl, who is 5, loves adele as well!

  4. I wonder if that last picture was photoshopped though ... I agree she is gorgeous, but she looks awfully thin in that last pic ...


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