Winner announcement + Most terrifying beauty treatment I've ever done

I've got a couple things to share with you readers today!  I'm very excited to announce the winner of my first giveaway on my new blog!  Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to enter. I wish you could all win :)  At the end, it was up to fate to decide and the winner is...


@Sanazj if you read this, please contact me! I'll also be tweeting you to collect your gift card to Vienne Milano

Now, onto the second piece of this post.  Last month I was very pleased to be approached by online makeup retailer Glow and Glamour to review several of their latest products.  The owner, Kang Pheng, is such a sweetheart and you can really tell she just puts her heart and soul behind her site, even appearing in her own promo videos!  It's nice to see the people behind the company standing behind their products and Kang Pheng is just another young woman like myself, trying her to appear her best.

Glow and Glamour were super generous and sent me over a bunch of products to try.  The site specializes in selling brands popular in Asia like Dolly Wink, and the products seem to cater to that market with its focus on contact lenses and false eyelashes.  There's quite a few beauty products as well though and one I've recently tried is the Exfoliating Peeling Sheet from Korean brand LUS (Lovely Your Skin).  

Designed to gently and thoroughly remove the dead skin cells from your feet, this monthly sheet treatment promises to leave you with "baby's feet."  I was immediately skeptical as I have hereditary dry feet and a propensity to like being barefoot, so any foot treatment would have to have super powers to affect my dry heels and toes!  

To use, the box instructed me to take the paper mask enclosed and wrap it around my freshly washed and dried feet.  Then I had to encase my feet in the provided plastic socks for two hours:

The sheet was cool and soaked with product, similar to regular face mask sheets.  After a few minutes, my feet had a nice tingly feeling, but other than that no magic could I discern happening.  After 2 hours, I washed my feet and went to bed.

On the box it told me that after a few days my feet would begin peeling off the dead skin cells, revealing fresh newly soft skin beneath.  

It's been a few days now and I'm shocked.

My feet are positively molting.  

It's quite scary.  I am literally waking up with flakes of skin all over my bed that I have to painstakingly clean up.  I'm not sure where all this skin is coming from, but it doesn't seem to be ending soon.  What have I done to myself???  Is this really how the process is supposed to happen?? Will I actually end up with beautiful, soft feet, or have I just poisoned myself?

Update post to be continued...

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  1. Oh I wanted to try this. Definitely update. I was a little scared. Am glad you are trying this so I can read the result.

  2. No pictures of your dead skin?? kekeke .. you should collect all the skin so we can see how much you molted at the end of the process. hehehe

  3. Thanks a lot for picking me as the winner! I just tweeted you to collect my prize!

  4. LOL, it does sound scary--I think Blair went through something like that.

  5. LOLOL! That's so funny... and gross. You should keep all the flakes in a jar and see how much you shed! Am I weird? A bit. I think I received an email from Glow and Glamour just recently. I think I'll... give it a few days before I thoroughly give it a read. ;)

  6. As someone that also has super dry feet, that sounds legit terrifying to me. Hope your feet aren't still shedding! @__@


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