World Music Fashion Festival featuring Or by Angela Chen

A couple weekends ago, I was invited by the lovely Vonnie of Oh So Vonnie to attend the launch party for the World Music Fashion Festival.  It was also the opening of chic new lounge, 0755, in the heart of Richmond.  Kind of an odd place for a lounge if you ask me, particularly since it's in the same complex as Pearl Castle, but hey who am I refuse free drinks, tapas and fashion?

According the press release, the World Music Festival is "a multi city tour that provides a platform for western talent to develop connections with Mainland China and enjoy international brand exposure. The tour is attended by industry professionals, government officials, business representatives and VIPs and through our media partners, reaches an audience of millions. In 2011, the WMFF tour took place in 5 cities of China, Shanghai Dalian, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Neijiang and received numerous good reviews and [praise] from the cities they visited."

Attendees were greeted by a display of hot cars and a hot crowd of photographers, industry people and models.  I almost became a model myself as I was accidentally ushered into backstage when I arrived by a hostess!  Perhaps it was my somewhat annoyed aura after I had walked for blocks in the rain to get to the venue (damn you Google Maps and your not to scale directions!!).  After a few canapes and champagnes though, I was feeling eons better, especially because I got to hang with one of my favourite tweeps, @karrabarron!

Isn't she lovely? 

While the lounge was super nice, I was rather disappointed by the food, which was seriously overpriced.  Really, who is going to pay $14 for a teeny bowl of fettuccine when they could go over to Pearl Castle and get a heaping bowl of fried squid tentacles for less than $10?!

After two hours of trying to look cool while roaming the crowd for free food, I was quite ready for the fashion show, which was showcasing designs by Vancouver designer Angela Chen.  Born in Taiwan and raised in Vancouver, Angela is a local fashion success story.  Since graduating from Parsons in NYC, her fashions have debuted on runways in Vancouver, Shanghai, and New York and she counts Coco Rocha among her list of clients.

As "media," we were granted runway side seats.  The show was definitely worth the wait as model after model strolled by wearing delicately knit skirts, dresses, and shrugs.  Sadly, these are the best photos I managed to capture.  I really need to get a better lens!

My second favourite look of the show, this slouchy off the shoulder sweater stalks the line between comfort and sexy with bold confidence.  The styling here with the crazy-dreamy curls is just fantastic too. Very sexy, very modern.

Perfect for wearing during the day or night, this was my favourite look of the night, hands-down.  Definitely love the defined waist and shoulders, the fitted yet loose silhouette, the monochrome color and that splash of lace detail at the pockets.  So hot!

You can find Angela Chen's clothing in Vancouver at The True's in Aberdeen, and at The Velvet Room Boutique on W. 41st.  Her line is also available at various stores and online retailers.

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  1. Two lovely friends! It will be interesting to see if 0755 can create enough buzz to get away with the overpriced food--perhaps hipsters will keep them afloat.

    The Smithsonian is affiliated with teh Parsons school, via our Cooper-Hewitt design museum.

    RYC: Thank you!!! I think most people took one look at the pictures and just thought "WTHeck" and didn't read the words. It's always nice to know someone did. =)

  2. You looked great!!

    So, looks like shoulder pads are making a comeback!! =)

  3. Great coverage of the fashion show. I really like her work so will be checking it out. I loved the last dress as well as 2nd to last taupe top with the metallic skirt. Gorgeous.

    You ladies looked great too btw - looked like a fun night.

  4. wow her designs are really nice

  5. Looks like a good time and you had fun as well! :)

    - Laura

  6. ooh, A. Chen's collection is quite cute. how are the prices?


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