365 Outfit Challenge week 11

Last week was a jam packed week!  Besides the usual work and gym business, I also had a really great meeting with the Schema team.  Sounds like I'll be participating editorially again by having my own weekly post!  It's just going to be a collection of interesting weekly links I come across, but it will be fun to see my name in a byline again.  Be sure to watch out for my new column on Fridays starting next month!

Also I was super excited to receive my brand new 35mm lens! I've been wanting a new lens since forever as I quickly realized the limitations of my kit lens and I managed to find one online for sale, thanks to my photographer coworker!  While a great general purpose lens, I found the standard kit lens included with my DSLR kinda limiting with its poor performance in low light.  Since I'm often at events and indoors, lighting is always an issue, so I wanted a lens that could perform better, produce sharper results and kick-start my photoshoot hobby!  Does anyone want to be my model? hehe

Anyhoo, here's the weekly recap:

Ruffled tank: Urban Outfitters | Blazer: Zara | Jeggings: Aldo

Business casual for me. Well everyday is casual Fridays in my line of work. Yay no dress code!  If I had to shop all the time at Banana Republic I think it would kill me. 

Top: Old Navy | Cardigan: Zara | Denim: Citizens of Humanity

See that glow out there? I believe it's this thing called sunshine!  The weather has been a real tease with us lately, giving us a few brief days of warmth before plunging right back into darkness again. 

Sweater dress: Tension | Watch: Invicta

I took this photo, but didn't have time in the morning to take another when I added a much needed belt.  Adding a wide black belt to this outfit really pulled it together, giving it shape.  This is an interesting outfit because I think if I had worn the collar in the intended off the shoulder way, the lack of a belt may not have been as noticeable.

Poncho: Forever 21

For some reason I was feeling rather uninspired so I copped out and put on a poncho.  I think February was a good month for outfits, but seems like March has been rather boring outfit-wise. I blame the constant rain. Some sunshine always gives me much needed inspiration.

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  1. You'll have a hard time finding a better model.

    i can never find our camera when I need it, so I've started using my iTouch. The picture quality is awful, but better than nothing I guess. =)

  2. ooo! love that dress!!

  3. Wow .. you really mixed it up this week. I guess it's a time of the seasons changing .. usually you would be all sweatered up! Great week~ Love the business casual~ You look so mature! =D

  4. That red sweater dress is so fabulous, love it on you! And that's so exciting about the new column opportunity, can't wait to see it all up and running! Looking lovely as always girl.

    Alexandra xo


  5. No dress code is the best! The weather this month has made dressing a pain. I've stuck to jeans and sweaters, you've done great work mixing up your outfits :)


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