365 Outfit Challenge week 8

So this week was pretty laidback.  School started for me again, so now my days are going to be work/school/sleep time!  Hopefully I'll be able to maintain a blogging and social life still as I have a few events coming up in the next couple weeks that I'm quite looking forward to!  

Recently, I caught up with Sheila of MaddyLoves for lunch and we were chatting about our blogs of course and the topic came up about how long we would keep our blogs.  In total, I've been a blogger for just over 4 years now, which is quite amazing.  I never thought I would blog for so long.  How long is it possible to be a blogger?  Sometimes I think that one day I'll quit, just simply because I'll be too busy with other hobbies and life activities to keep an active blog, yet at the same time I think I'll feel quite sad to not be a blogger.  

Blogging has quite literally changed my life and has allowed me so many opportunities to do things and meet people I otherwise would never have a chance to.  How can one give that up?  On the other hand, if I weren't blogging, I could more fully dedicate myself to other potential passions, like photography, or actually writing that book I've always wanted to write.  Does anyone else feel that being a blogger is a part of their identity?

Crochet sweater: Forever 21 | Jeggings: Aldo | Flats: Gap | Charm bracelet: Pandora 

The weather was actually nice enough to wear flats this day.  I love how the pop of color just makes this outfit 5x more interesting than it really is.

Sweatshirt: Aritizia | Dress: Conversation Pieces 

Like every other blogger I'm becoming keenly interested with sorbet shades. I refuse to say "pastel" because that just conjures up horrible images of Easter-egg toned hand-me-downs that my sister used to give me when I was in elementary.  Ugh, who knew that I would now be lusting for mint colored clothes?  Never say never!

Blush blouse: LA | Leather shorts: Bedo | Cuff: vintage | Charm bracelet: Pandora | Necklace: seriously can't remember

I've been seeing a lot of loose blouse/shorts combos on Pinterest lately and I'm obsessed!  The best outfits I think are the simplest and a loose blouse is right up there on the holiest of clothing items to me right now.  Of course, they also look best with willowly long legs and pillowy lips, which I'm unfortunately lacking.  Dammit.

Toque: gifted | Sweater coat: Urban Outfitters | T-shirt: Club Monaco | Denim: Citizens of Humanity | Ring: Aldo 

HOLY HAIR CUT!  Yeah, I gave no mention of this surprise.  I've been complaining endlessly about my hair and finally I found some time to do something about it.  I was going for this Nicole Richie look, but since I went to a Japanese salon, I'm not quite sure I got it...

Shirt: American Eagle | Floral dress: TopShop | Sweater: Jacob | Converse sneakers

Most votes say this new cut makes me look younger (crap!) while others vote for more mature.  Personally, I'm still trying to get used to it.  What do you think?

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  1. LOVE the hair cut!! you look great :)

  2. Wow .. that cut was a surprise~ Looks cute on you though!! I think it matters on what kind of outfit you wear .. the shirt, skirt and converse combo makes you look younger!! =D I'm sure you can look more mature in some work wear though .. =) Regardless, you look great!

  3. LOVE the cut on you! Such a cute update. And I've gotta say I love that leather shorts look...perfection.

    The blogger question is really tricky...so far blogging has been nothing but a good thing for me, but it does bring about a certain amount of stress and work to my life that I would not otherwise have. At the same time, so does working out, making sure I eat properly, and any other number of things that I maintain in order to feel good about myself in a larger sense. So even though I'd have more time to write or do this or do that, I think that for most of us who do it, the good definitely outweighs the bad! And for my own selfish reasons, I wouldn't want you to cut back haha.

    Alexandra ♥


  4. Ahh the hair. :) That I was staring at from across the table. I think I might sway to saying it makes you look younger now. But I think it all depends on your makeup and outfit too!

  5. You lack nothing. The haircut does make you look younger--in that picture, at least.

    I don't think of blogging as part of who I am, but it's allowed me to share things I probably wouldn't have otherwise. And I'm still amazed at having met such great people. More than anything, I think that's what keeps me blogging. It's really driven home the point to me that we don't have to meet people face-to-face to care about them and want the best for them.


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