365 Outfit Challenge week 9

This week was pretty boring although I did go for tea recently with a bunch of blogger friends!  Post coming soon ;)  School has started up again and it's actually pretty interesting.  The course is all about leadership and management.  Not to sound super smug, but theoretically I think I have skills to be a pretty good manager.  I'm good at multi-tasking, I'm organized, and I know how to prioritize things.  The question is if I can learn to be the other part, a leader.  All my life I've self-described myself as a second-in-command.  I don't really like being the center of attention and while I do enjoy having the ability to run things and make decisions, I don't like being at the point.  However, it seems in life that you can't just be that, so I guess I have to learn to be a leader.

In traditional Western business culture, it seems to me that often the loudest are seen as the leader, but that's not always the case.  Why follow the loudest, instead of the correct?  I like leaders who are yes, confident, but who also are intelligent and see all points of view, but yet know how to keep focused on the end goal.  I'm hoping I can strive to be that as I progress in my career and hopefully people will recognize that you don't have to yell to make yourself heard.

Sweater: Gap | Wool coat: Soia & Kyo | Leather gloves: vintage via Shoppalu |  Bag: Urban Outfitters

My typical winter outfit.

Plaid shirt: TNA | Sweater coat: Urban Outfitters | Leather shorts: Bedo

Thought I'd go all 90s this week and wear plaid!  Lately the playlist at work has been very 90s alt-rock and I've been eating it up.

 Shirt: TNA | Jeans: William Rast | Belt: H&M | Watch: Invicta

I'm really loving this simple orange belt I bought at H&M awhile back.  I had actually forgotten that I owned it as I keep all my accessories like belts and scarves in 1 giant wicker basket.  While digging around for my favourite woolen scarf, I unearthed this treasure.  It makes a simple outfit a tinge nicer with its pop of color.

Mustard sweater: BDG | Dress: Urban Outfitters

I love this combo of floral and mustard!! Total color combo that I need more of in my life.  Seriously, what wouldn't look good with mustard? Oh right, orange pants. 

Cardigan: Forever 21 | Striped top: Zara | Bag: Longchamp 

Can I be any more preppy looking?? Yay for yet another 90s reference - can you spot it??

Floral dress: random place in LA | Cardigan: Zara

I was trying to be prematurely springy here so I wore this with purple tights and matching purple flats.  Yes, I got a few strange looks from the sea of black and grey drones, but HEY at least I'm being ballsy, not boring!

Thanks for tuning in for this week's #365outfit recap!  You can keep on top of my daily updates via Twitter. I'd love to hear your feedback on this little experiment as well as if you have any ideas for me on how to keep things fresh!  
Until next week!

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  1. cute outfits! i also really like your hair

  2. Honestly, the haircut doesn't really make you look younger. It's a sophisticated look.

  3. I agree .. now that you've posted these pics, the haircut does give you more of a sense of maturity .. looks good though! Love the first picture .. that's like a super bundled look!! kekeke

  4. Ooh fun sweater coat and I love great bright belts too.

    I totally agree with your comments - the loudest person doesn't have to be the leaders but does make the most noise. I've also seen that those who are smart aren't necessarily good leaders because they lack people and communication skills which are essential to being a good leader!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. Love your outfits! Wow, I would crash and burn so spectacularly if I attempted documenting my outfit every day. I'm horrible at it! Kudos to you. :)

  6. Nice looks!


  7. Good luck with school n I'm sure u'll find ur inner leader

    Love the UO pieces btw

  8. I am loving that sweater and leather shorts combo as well as that last pic, so pretty! And still loving your new cut, you look stunning! Glad to see you're getting something out of your program, and I fully agree with you about leadership.

    Alex xoxo


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