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The Product
Awhile ago I received some samples of Kiehl's Abyssine line after attending a Kiehl's blogger event.  At the event I got a free skin consultation and this line was favoured for my skin due to its anti-aging and moisturizing properties.  As a mid-20s female, my objectives with my skin care is to replenish, moisture, and prevent those first signs of aging.  Using natural ingredients and Kiehl's science, this line promises to do just that.

The Guts
According to Kiehl's the key ingredients in this line is a molecule called abyssine.  Apparently abyssine is the Bear Grylls of molecules and is made to survive.  This hardy molecule lives its days in the dark overheated vents of deep-sea geothermal vents - conditions which 99.9% of the rest of life on Earth cannot take and therefore I suppose the idea is that this would make it excellent for preserving your skin too!  

The other super ingredient in the Abyssine line is apricot kernel oil.  Though it has a less exotic name, apricot kernel oil is nothing to laugh at, as it is jam packed with Vitamin E and a myriad of fatty acids that help to plump up and nourish the skin.

Price & Packaging
Unfortunately, skin care don't come cheap.  Both the serum and the facial cream will set you back around $60 for a 50mL bottle.  I cannot comment on the packaging in this review as I was using sample packets.

Though it may come pricey, investing in your skin can only be a worthy investment - provided that the product works.  In this case, I will gladly shell over my hard earned money for both these products.  

I had never used serums before, but after learning that they work to moisturize the deeper layers of your skin that regular moisturizers didn't, I was very curious and after using this product, I am hooked.  I am seriously a serum convert now.  The Abyssine serum is amazing - within days my skin felt softer and plumper to the touch!  

The Abyssine cream is just as amazing.  It's kinda thick for a day cream, so I wouldn't recommend this for anyone with oily skin, or as a summer face cream, but for my winter parched normal skin, it was fabulous. Your skin will feel sticky for a bit after while it absorbs, but I was able to apply makeup a couple minutes later and my skin felt soft and smooth all day!

In 140 characters or less: Amazing! Why aren't you buying this already?

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  1. I tried the eye cream before and liked it.

  2. Can I come over and try yours? I'm too cheap to fork out $$ to try creams ;) There are so many to choose from on the market and I'm sure a lot of them work very well. I've always had a problem with sticking to just one though. I'm currently using the Ole Henrikson 3 little wonders and I love it. There's a serum in there too!

  3. Thanks for the introduction! I'm overwhelmed with skin products and am always looking for good ones!


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