Buy: LUS Foot exfoliation peeling sheets

The Product
A couple weeks back I mentioned how I was undergoing a horrific, yet ultimately beneficial experiment.  That experiment was to try the LUS (Lovely Your Skin) foot exfoliating peeling sheets.  These sheet masks for feet promise to leave your feet feeling baby soft, but were they all what they claimed to be?

The Guts
The ingredients list for these sheets contain various plant-based extracts like willow bark, cactus flower, ivy leaf, sage, grapefruit, orange, apple, lemon, and lime.  The latter few I suspect to be more for the peeling aspect while the others are more soothing.

On Glow & Glamour this box of 2 sets of sheets costs $15.90, so just under $8 a pair.  A lot more than your average face masks, but since you only use this once a month, it doesn't seem that steep a price to pay.

Holy cow is it effective!  In my previous post I mentioned how my feet were molting like I had a disease a few days after application.  The product is designed to cause all your dead skin cells to peel off to reveal the fresh, new skin underneath.  I guess I must have a huge-ass layer of dead skin on my feet because they were peeling for days.  DAYS.  It's only within the last few days that I seem to have stopped peeling and am now enjoying the benefits: noticeably softer feet! I cannot wait to use this treatment again for increased results.  WIN.

In 140 characters or less: Terrifying, but effective.  Kiss those scales goodbye!

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  1. Omg I need these! I feel like my feet have been in boots for an abnormal part of this year, and now that I have Maui right around the corner I need to start paying attention to all the things you don't have to in the winter (like shaving apparently). Thanks for the great review, I'm gonna snap these up!

    Alexandra xo

  2. You have gotten me seriously curious about these foot sheets. My feet are horrendously dry from this winter. I feel like they would peel for weeks. :(


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