Delicious dining care of Drew Cooks!

Most of the time I count myself as unlucky, not because I don't have a great life, but because I just have an acute absence of winnings.  I never win at lotto, or raffles, or even when I duck my hand into a jar of gummy bears and hope to find my fave color inside.  But sometimes, sometimes, I strike it lucky and during the past holiday season it was one of those times.

It was while reading through my Twitter stream that I saw one of my friends RT'ing a contest by a local catering company called Drew Cooks.  All you had to do was leave a comment on their blog about what seasonal ingredient you were nom-ing on and RT; easy-peasy, so I did and said I was obsessed with anything pumpkin.  A few days later, I received a winning email message telling me I had won a free catered home dinner for me and 5 others! I was ecstatic.  Anytime someone mentions free anything, I'm happy, but if it's free food?? 100x better.

Zoom ahead a couple months later and I was finally able to nail down the ever busy Drew Cooks on a date. Myself, Mr. Artist, and 2 other couples were the eager diners.  Drew Cooks does everything from fully catered events like weddings, down to private dinner parties similar to mine for parties as small as 8.  Here's a sampling of what you could be noshing on, should you decide to call upon them:

Starter was this deliciously cute duck croquette with Okanagan cherry.  Crunchy, rich, but not overwhelming.

Please excuse me if I don't recall all the ingredients exactly as I forgot to write the menu down. Blame the copious amounts of wine.  I believe this was a lamb tataki dish.  

Another lamb dish, which was pretty yummy, but what really stole the show on this one for me was the French bean stew underneath. Composed of baby vegetables, cherry smoked cassoulet, yellow tomato consomme, and crispy sage, this stew was tangy and bursting with subtle flavours!

The main event!  An absolutely incredible beef short-rib in fig Cabernet sauce, that literally was no-knife-required.  The meat just fell off the bone and straight down my throat.  It was excellently paired with the most delicately scalloped potatoes done in blue cheese.  I hate blue cheese, but I literally lapped this one up super fast, it was so delicious.  

By this point we were stuffed to the gills and drowning in wine, but somehow we all manned up for the crowning piece of the evening: the dessert.  On paper, this ginger vanilla cake sounded boring, but when paired with apple rum sauce, vanilla bean ice cream and roasted apple cream, this simple dessert turned into STUPENDOUS dessert.  Even though I felt close to being sick, I could not stop myself from downing it all and even eyeing others' leftovers 5 minutes later.

By the time we finished, every single of us was probably at one of the fullest points of their lives.  Utterly satisfied and utterly exhausted we didn't even notice our 2 fabulous cooks efficiently cleaning away and then disappearing into the night like a pair of fabled shoemaker elves.  In the hopes they read this, thank you so much for a lovely evening!

Roomie with the awesome Drew Cooks guys!  Drew himself is on the left.

Next time you're planning an event or private dinner party, give Drew Cooks a ring.  You definitely won't be disappointed.  This is food coma guaranteed!

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  1. Wow! You're so lucky! I've never had anyone "professional" cook for me before! All that food looks so good~ but especially the duck croquette! mmmmm ...

  2. you are mean for posting these scrumptious pics of food that i wanna eat but can't! NOMNOMNOM :D

  3. Ah, what a cool experience! Lucky you for winning that contest!

    xo, alison*elle

  4. Oh, god, the food porn is KILLING ME. Duck, lamb, beef... what more could you ask for?! And the ginger vanilla cake is such a good ending to all the meaty dishes... Oh, man, I'm super jealous.

  5. Wow, wow and wow! I hate blue cheese too, so I'm surprised, but I trust you.

  6. wow!!! lucky you! everything looks so yummie!! (except the lamb..cuz i don't eat lamb :P lol)


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