A sunny day for a photoshoot feat. Maddy Loves and Style Love!

Clear blue skies and a crisp spring breeze - what better conditions could you ask for?  Sheila, Rosie, and I certainly couldn't as we came together for our first blogger photo shoot!  Armed with suitcases of outfits (well, at least Rosie was), and me with my new camera lens, we made our way out to my building's patio for a private, well lit area to take a few photos.  It was tons of fun and a big learning experience for me, having never shot any "models" before!  Sheila was kind enough to take some photos of me as well, which you guys will get to see next week - here's a hint: it will be "clashtastic."

Thank you Sheila and Rosie for letting me take your photos!  
You can check out the full set on my Flickr here.
 If there's any other brave volunteers out there wanting photos, do let me know, I would LOVE the practice!

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  1. Nice pics! Good Job~ If you ever make it out to SoCal, you can take pics of my lil boy! =D

  2. You did a nice job on the pictures! I'm looking forward to seeing "clashtastic". It almost sounds like a sports word. =)

  3. awwww this is sooo cute

    ur building has an amazing patio

  4. beautiful photo shoot. It is indeed a great day.

  5. So much fun! I love shooting with other bloggers, you really see how everyone has their "signatures" when it comes to poses haha. Loving both the ladies' looks!

    Alex xoxo


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