Wedgewood high tea with the Vancouver Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers!

Though I may come across (somehow) to people who don't know me very well as extremely dainty, I am most definitely not a person with very dainty tastes.  Here are several reasons why I am NOT dainty:
  • Most mornings I feel like death and roll out of bed like a zombie
  • I'm usually covered with a slight dusting of golden retriever hairs a la Mr. Artist's dog and I'm too lazy to brush them all off 
  • I like to eat anything straight out of the jar.  Not cartons though, that's gross.
I could go on, but that would be boring (and way too revealing).  What I mean to say by telling you all this, is that I don't usually do classy things like going for high tea.  Usually I can be found drinking my tea out of a plastic cup and usually of the HK milk tea variety, but dressing up and drinking from delicate china? Never.

So it was with great relish that I left my house one wintry afternoon to join a few other gorgeous ladies of the Vancouver Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger network for high tea service at Wedgewood Hotel.  Located just beside Robson Square in the heart of downtown Vancouver, the Wedgewood Hotel has a gorgeously old-fashioned facade and interior - the perfect setting for tea.

Since I was determined to dress the occasion, no matter what, I left my house in this outfit:

Little did I realize that it would be slightly rainy and that my purple flats, which incidentally matched my purple tights, were a little too big.  At one point I almost lost one flat in the middle of an intersection and got some strange looks from passersby!  

Once inside though, I fit right in.  There was 10 of us girls, so we were lucky enough to get our own private room.  The decor of course was luxurious and traditional.  Each of us got to choose our own tea, which arrived in a charming French press pot.  I seem to remember choosing a citrusy green tea, which was light and refreshing.  I would gladly have drank 3 pots of this!

The food of course is what we all came for:

Arriving in a traditional 3-tiered platter, this serving was enough to thoroughly stuff 3 people.  The bottom tier was a layer of delicious sandwiches, consisting of traditional egg salad, smoked salmon and cream cheese, prawn salad - and my favourite of the meal - a chicken Tandoori style sandwich.  The middle tier housed a variety of tarts and a lemon cake.  The tarts were just the right amount of crunchy crust and sweet cream filling, but the lemon cake proved too sugary and tart for most of us.  Finally, on the top layer sat the traditional english scones with jam, honey and clotted cream, as well as some choclate eclairs.  I tried everything with relish except for the eclairs.  The scones were pretty tasty and not overly heavy, but I preferred the fresh baked scone set at Apres Midi in Gastown better.

In between daintily stuffing our faces, there was much gossip and giggling to be had - we are beauty bloggers after all!  It was a lovely way to spend a weekend afternoon and I would gladly do it again.

Ashley of Makeup Kismet and Rosalia of Style Love

Alison of Alison*Elle and Sarah of Makeup Shoes & Fashion

And.. I'll end this with some food shots!

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  1. Those finger sandwiches look so good!! I tried having tea once ... totally didn't fit in .. #1 the sandwiches were too small #2 I like to gulp tea rather than sip it #3 who knew shorts and flip flops were not proper attire!! =) Great pics!

  2. freakin love high tea...just such an excuse to feel fancy

  3. Great pictures, Jordana! I had so much fun, we should definitely go again soon!

    xo, alison*elle

  4. I'm normally not a high tea person either, I 'd be happy with just HK milk tea and a pineapple bun but oh how I miss those tiny sandwiches!

  5. love high tea :) too bad i can't eat any of those yummy treats boo!

  6. loving your Spring outfit!! super cute dress! :D

  7. Love your hair! it's so cute!

  8. Love your dress! I love floral :)

    - Laura

  9. I would comment that you looked very pretty that day, but what else is new, right??? =) Alison resembles my wife a little.


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