365 Outfit Challenge: week 13 and 14

Sweater dress: Zara | Silk scarf: Tory Burch 

Top: Zara | Skirt: vintage 

Blouse, owl ring: random shop in LA | Sweater vest: gifted, Gap | Skinny cargoes: Aritzia | Bracelets: gifted, Urban Outfitters, ICE.com, vintage

Sheer blouse: H&M | Belt: Danier | Skirt: Urban Behaviour 

Jacket, bracelet: vintage 

Floral bolero: vintage | Sweater: Zara | Skinny cargoes: Aritzia | Watch: Invicta

I've been a bad blogger.  Some of you may have noticed my absolute disappearance last week and my bloglovin keeps pestering me with its ever growing list of unread blog posts.  Some days I'm seriously tempted to hit that "Mark all read" button, but I would never do that.  Who knows what good posts of yours I'd miss out on? 

Somehow, I still managed to scrounge together 2 week's worth of outfit photos for you.  A lot of these weren't worth posting about, so that's why you're seeing 2 weeks instead of the usual one.  Blame my current workload and valuing sleep more than fashion *gasp*!  Ironically, this all comes along when Elisse tweeted me asking me to give a how-to on my #365outfit project.

Let me tell you, it gets to be a struggle.  Most days, I drag myself to my drawers with absolutely no clue on what to wear.  Everything seems tired and old and I hate to disappoint you guys with boring stuff.  In reality, I probably have tons of combinations for things, but it's more me suffering a mental blockage recently than anything else.  I guess this point was to be expected and considering it's close to 90 days in, I guess that's not too shabby progress so far!  So what sort of tips can I share to those of you who want to try this?
  • Try to plan your outfits beforehand. This helps me a lot since thinking of a new outfit every morning when you're half-awake probably isn't super efficient
  • Just do it.  Get into a routine of forcing yourself to wear something in a new way and it becomes second nature.  Put sticky notes on your drawers, or keep a log in your calendar so you can be encouraged by your process. 
  • Blog about it, or tell everyone you know about it.  The social obligation is a powerful motivator. I've had lots of people ask me about my project and encourage me with it, and that's really what keeps me going on this journey
  • Don't be too rigid on the rules.  Keep it simple. I still allow myself to shop and I give myself weekends off because to be honest, I spend my weekends in PJs if I can!
  • Encourage yourself. Look back at your growing log of outfits and you'll be amazed at your own creativity!

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  1. I think you're doing a great job on your #365outfit challenge~ That sweater dress outfit is fabulous~ Love the scarf! The owl ring is awesome! and the pic next to it .. looks like you're in such deep though~ hehehe

    1. Thanks Henry! Your encouragement helps a lot :)

  2. I think the first one, the skirt, and the picture with your backside pointed at the window (thank goodness the shade was partially drawn ;P) are my favorites. It's always nice to see you smiling. =)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Love the mix of prints!

    xo Ashleigh


  4. Lovely outfits! You look amazing!

    Kisses Anne

  5. you look amazing. I love the cream blouse and the black floral little jacket.

  6. I'm absolutely loving the mix of prints with the stripes and florals and that first sweater dress is perfection - I would totally live in it if I owned it!

    Alexandra xo


  7. your jewellery are gorgeous and you have a lovely style- I love the cream blouse! x

  8. I really love the last one, it's gorgeous! You have a good taste. I started blogging 2 weeks ago, and I would really appreciate if you would read my blog and comment if you have any suggestions.


    xo Marte


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