Clashtastic level 1: florals + stripes

As a style blogger, I supposedly should know a bit about fashion and reflect that in my personal life.  It's easy to buy all the most expensive brands and look good.  It's harder to look just as polished on a much smaller budget.  As well, I truly believe a real sense of style comes within and is something anyone can develop over time.  After all, I'm an engineer - fashion is not rocket science.

Since I started on my #365outfit project, I've been asked many times how I keep things fresh.  I'm never sure how to answer because that's like asking a marathon runner how they do marathons - you just train.  

Style creativity is like a muscle and practice makes perfect.  I try to stretch my "style muscle" by making myself wear outfits that make me slightly uncomfortable and that gave me the idea for this 3-part series: Clashtastic.  

A big trend the last couple years has been to pair bold patterns.  It's a case of all the wrongs making a right, but how does the average person wade in these treacherous pattern-mixing waters?  Well, I'm here to help with a 3 level guide that will ease you into mixing patterns (somewhat) like a pro!

Level 1: stripes + florals

Start with something easy.  Mixing patterned accessories does not count as that's just a baby step.  Simply take two basic pieces that most of you should have in your closets: a striped item and a floral.  

It was a short while ago that I thought these two were not bosom buds, but I've since learned better.  Stripes are a fantastic neutral that go well with a ton of things.  Think of a tiger - does it ever clash with its surroundings?

Here's what I came up with for an easy clashtastic day outfit:

Top: Zara | Bolero: vintage | Leggings: Aldo | Shoes: Toms 

See how easy this looks? Comfortable and if you truly chicken out, it's easy to shuck off a floral layer.  You could truly throw on any sort of floral cardigan or jacket here and it would work.  Big, bold florals are really trendy this season.  Try to avoid smaller all-over floral prints as they will look too dizzying against such thin stripes as these.

Photos by Sheila

What do you think of this look?
Be sure to check back next week for parts 2 and 3!

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  1. as long as you rock it, that's all that matters and i love this combo :)

  2. I love stripes and florals together. To me, a classic black and white striped top is pretty much a basic so I always feel free to mix it with everything haha. Beautiful look girl!

    Alexandra xo

  3. the Olive Toms make their appearance again! Yay Spring! hehehe :P

  4. Kathy read my mind! I like the cut of the jacket...sort of reminds me of a matador.

  5. yes, I'm definitely a fan of mixing stripes with other patterns. Love this look, the floral jacket is so cute!

  6. Clashtastic - I just love that term! I think I may have to use it :) Love the combination of stripes and florals. But then again, I think everything goes with stripes!

  7. Hello my darling! This is a great tip! You most definitely (probably) can't go wrong, so it's a good first step for anyone who wants to... break out of their shell and comfort zone!


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