Clashtastic level 2: polka dots & giraffe print

Previously in part 1 of my Clashtastic series, I introduced you to the easiest way to incorporate some crazy clashing into your life.  Seemingly clashing prints together is a big trend lately partly, I believe, because it separates the women from the girls.  Not everyone can pull this off well, but fear not! I am here to help you venture into new fashion territory with some tried and true lessons I've learned.  First rule: mistakes are encouraged! 

Last week, we covered the classic floral and stripe combo.  Now, having mastered this level, it's time to upgrade to

Level 2: animal prints

Animal prints in any form of clothing can be daunting, although when you think about it, you've got to wonder why.  Nature is the de-facto guide for color and print matching, so really how can you go wrong with a print as natural as animal print?  

Very very easily.

The problem is that in fashion, animal prints can easily wander into sleazy land.  Be sure to avoid this pitfall by not overdoing the sexiness and keeping animal prints reserved for daytime.  Here, I pair my animal prints with fun, cheerful contrasting prints - in this case, polka dots!  Is there any print funner than polka dots?  No.

Polka dot blouse: Old Navy | Silk skirt: Tension
Photos by Sheila

In order to create some continuity, make sure that all the colors you use in your outfit compliment each other and aren't too clashing.  You're already clashing prints here, so clashing colors as well would just be overkill.  Here, the brown of the giraffe print pairs nicely with the mustard yellow of my blouse, while blue is a nice contrast to brown.  Also, blue and brown is a calming color combo that will also tone down the craziness of these prints.

Secondly, try to use patterns that are similar to each other and thus reflect the other. I kinda like how the clusters of dots on my shirt, kinda resemble the patches of this giraffe pattern in an abstract kind of way.  This blouse just wouldn't work as well with a totally different animal print like zebra, which would go better with a solid or large floral.

So what do you think of level 2? Would you try this look out?

Remember to stay tuned for Clashtastic: level 3 next week!

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  1. The thing about all this print clashing is that you do it so well that I never really notice it until I read your text! I love the giraffe print, it's such a refreshing change from all the leopard we always see!

    Alexandra xo

  2. That giraffe skirt is super cute!! Cute outfit~ Take your hands outta your pockets! =P

  3. Great outfits--and expressions! I may have mentioned I almost always wear solid dress shirts so I don't have to think about whether my ties will match them or not. Guys have it easy. =)

  4. Love it! That skirt is awesome.
    I love this class on mixing up prints :) I'm trying to get more adventurous, I wore your floral and stripe look yesterday :)


  5. i LOVE the giraff print pants!!!!

    love the challenge but not sure i can pull it off :(

    and yes...i am looking for the perfect dress for those shoes and feathers...maybe a little white dress

  6. That's so fun - I love it. I used to be very afraid of prints, and never mind mixing them up. I'm totally all for them now. Especially love all the printed pajama pants out there right now.

  7. Love the mix of prints! Nicely done and so perfect for spring and summer


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