Clashtastic level 3: leopard and houndstooth

So you've mastered floral and stripes. You amazed your friends by pairing animal prints with polka dots.  Now you think you're some sort of print mixing hot shot don't you?

Well, you're wrong! Kinda... but only because I really really want you to read the rest of this post.

Welcome to level 3 padawan.  Here is where even I was feeling rather uncomfortable - how do you even match leopard and houndstooth? In level 2, I gave a couple pointers on how to match animal prints with other prints: stick to abstractly similar patterns, friendly color families, and keep the other color combos soft.  Well, in this level I'm kinda throwing that all out of the window! The only commonalities here is that both patterns are very loud and busy and that again, I'm going with a blue and brown combo.  In fact, when I wore this to Vancouver Fashion Week, I wasn't even sure if this would work at all, but the lesson here is to throw all that fashion pretension aside and just have fun with it!

 Sheer blouse: courtesy of Shoppalu | skirt: Zara | heels: Chinese Laundry

I'll leave you here with the #1 rule for being clashtastic: You're going to make mistakes and sometimes you're just going to look horrible, but dammit, you will be remembered! Now go out there and start clashing!

(insert evil laugh here)

I hope you enjoyed this series!
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  1. Fashion sometimes is just about having fun. Experiment and if it doesn't work the first time around, we can always fix it. : )

  2. I think the outfit is a clashtastic success~ super cute! Great smile too!!

  3. Your evil laugh looks awfully joyful, so you must have relly enjoyed it! =)

  4. I love that last photo of you! You pull off everything so well =)

  5.'re young and you can get away with it! I'm old(er), so not so much...I'm going to stick with the "safe" mix and matching guidelines: similar patterns, monochromatic colours, and small prints :) P.S. I love to mixing patterns! MY "staple" office clothes before (read: early 2000's) were dots and stripes!

  6. this is definitely clashtastic, but you made it fantastic :D

  7. I'd totally try this, but I don't really own any leopard except for a cardigan... and I don't own houndstooth either. Is that bad? Eek.

    The place I'm staying in is Ron's! It's such a cute little place and close to a lot of shopping!


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