How to restore and inspire your creativity

Last week I found myself at a low point, creatively.  There were some things going on in my life that just drained me of spirit and filled me only with weariness and a sense of frustration.  It's been a continual lesson the last few months to figure out work-life balance and how to deal with new lessons learned.  I'm definitely not regretting accepting my new challenges, but that doesn't mean they're any less challenging.  I think I've learned that I have a hard time admitting my limits - it's the perfectionist in me to expect myself to excel in all things, immediately.  It's an unrealistic expectation that leaves me empty and I need to learn to fill myself back up.

A large lesson I've learned is I need to keep myself creatively inspired as well as socially active to keep myself happy.  I need my friends and I need my creative spirit.  The former is obvious how to do (it just takes time), so this post is dedicated to some ways I've found to help with the latter.

When spending all day staring at words and using words, I find my primary outlet of writing to be more of a chore, than a solace.  These days, I'm indulging in my other senses to refresh me.  

A hot bath and a long nap both do wonders to restore the spirit; so apparently, does doing my nails:

Also, I've found renewed energy in my photography and indulging myself visually.  Lately I've been finding the following images inspiring, as well as the act of going out and doing some actual shooting myself!  Good thing the weather's been somewhat cooperative:

Finally, a song that captures you and sweeps you away in its melodies always replenishes my energy:

How do you refill your creative stores when you're running low?

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  1. i agree; doing your nails just makes me feel so good. i bought some new color and plan on doing my nails tonight

  2. i find that sometimes i just need to be patient, and allow myself the space and time for the ideas to actually flow

  3. I enjoy driving around without a destination and listening to musice to refill my creative juices! Also, spending time with friends, catching up and seeing what everyone's been up to and just getting my mind off myself works too! Like Monica said .. just be patient~ =D

  4. I tend to withdraw when I'm worn out. Usually the rest helps and then the universe helps by sending someone/something fun my way. Sometimes it's a comment from you. TWO rum balls got to your mom??? That made me laugh--that and how little MissJ worked on building her tolerance at such a young age. lol!

  5. Thanks guys for the reassuring words!

  6. We've all been there - feeling creatively and spiritually drained. Kudos for recognizing that and dedicating more time to work on the things that recharge you. Love your nails btw.

    like you, I've really been inspired by photography lately.


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