365 Outfit Challenge week 17

Tank: clothing swap | Sweatshirt: Nifty for Fifty sale | Skirt: Simons 

Arm candy: Aldo, ICE.com, Urban Outfitters, Pandora, Invicta 

Tee: Club Monaco | Cardigan: Garage | Scarf: vintage | Jeans: William Rast 

Sheer blouse: H&M | Cobalt jeans: TopShop | Sneakers: Converse 

Sweatshirt: Aritzia | Pants: McQ | cuff: vintage | shoes: Toms

I recently passed day 100 of my #365outfit challenge!!  Kinda feel pleased with myself for making it so far.  Everyone's support and/or awe over the size of my closet has been much appreciated <3  This challenge definitely makes getting up in the mornings slightly more fun!  I've been really playing around with how I do and post the daily updates and I think I've finally settled on a process that works for me.  Here's how I get the end result you see:
  1. Take outfit photo using my DSLR and tripod. I now try to take a full-length and detail shot as accessories are just as important as the whole deal aren't they?
  2. Upload those photos to my computer, crop and edit.
  3. Email photos from computer to my phone
  4. Open up the photos in one of my photo editing apps where I can apply filters, frames and effects if desired (how I did with the arm candy shot)
  5. Upload onto Instagram and tweet it out!  Have you added me yet?? @mizzjblog
I've gotten into such a good routine with this by now that I can do steps 1-4 all while eating my breakfast on the way out the door to work, but sometimes steps 4-5 take a bit longer so I might do them while on a break at work.  

On the clothing side, over the course of this challenge, I've learned some valuable lessons on how to stretch my creativity and I think it's even made me more critical when buying new items as I now really think about how many ways I can stretch one item into multiple outfits! 

If you're interested in trying out your own outfit challenge, definitely shoot me an email or tweet! I'd love to help you as it's been such a fun journey for me so far.  And as always, you can follow my daily updates on twitter!

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  1. looking fab as always! Loving the outfit photos. Adore the outfit with the scarf, it's my fave!

  2. Happy Happy Friday!! Wow, how time flies~ It just seemed like yesterday that you posted week 16's pictures~ Like always, you look great this week! Love that you put in the picture with the cobalt pants and converse!! So adorable~ I love the relaxed look you have in the first picture too!! Overall, faculous~

    Have a great weekend!

  3. good for you for hitting day 100! if i even tried to do this challenge, all you'd see me in is: workout pants with a ratty top, jeans and some kind of casual shirt + pumas. my wardrobe needs some help :D

    1. hehe can I shop online for you? I love to help people shop!

  4. The first outfit is my favorite, but nothing could top your expression in pic #4. That's priceless. =)

  5. Loving your scarf in the 2nd outfit and your floaty blouse in the 3rd!

    xx Raez


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