365 Outfit Challenge Week 19 + my beef with American Apparel

Blouse: Old Navy | Shorts, necklace: Forever 21 | Leggings: Costco | Loafers: American Apparel 

Sweater: BDG | Jeans: William Rast | Camera bag: vintage | Flats: gifted from Hong Kong 

Bracelets: Pandora, Urban Outfitters, Aldo | Denim shirt: Forever 21 | Belt: H&M | Skirt: Winners  

Shrug: vintage | Dress: Conversation Pieces | Clogs: Michael Kors

So the whole cross-border shopping thing was a bust as Mr. Artist's momma had an expired passport!  Instead we spent the weekend mostly holed up inside chilling while the rain poured down.  Typical May long weekend weather here haha  I am SUPER happy about my new American Apparel shoes - soft leather and a delicious tan color.  Makes me so excited to think of all the ways to wear these new babies of mine, although as you can see, I've already scuffed them!  While I am happy in that respect with AA, I also have a beef with them.

A few weeks ago I had bought a pair of their mint denim pants online.  I read the reviews and went a size up as the reviews on the site said (helpful); however when they arrived they fit more like a 23 than a 26 (unhelpful).  No biggie I thought as I could just go to the store and exchange it. WRONG.  So apparently AA has this lame-ass policy that their online and their physical stores are not connected in any way whatsoever, meaning no exchanges or refunds in store.  WHAT THE FUCK.  How is anyone supposed to know that?!  Then to top it off, you can only return/exchange within 45 days, BUT their policy says to get in touch with an online rep to arrange your order.  I tried that, no response via the online form.  In fact it's been 2 weeks and no response.  I could try calling, but their hours are also my work hours and I can't exactly spend an hour on hold and talking to them.  Way to go American Apparel. I love your stuff even though you make me feel like a fat whale sometimes, but this is really testing my patience.

So anyone want a pair of new mint (and in mint condition) jeans?

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  1. You are getting quite creative with your 365 pics~ As always, you look great in all of them! You're so sassy in picture 3~ Love the pink heels!!

    AA has a crappy return policy~ You have every right to vent!!

  2. That's awful customer service! I think Kym has a story or two about how difficult they can be to deal with. You have lots of great looks, but over-the-shoulder is one of your super-powers (my main super-power is stepping on wet spots on the floor when I'm not wearing shoes). I hope that doesn't mean you've been followed a lot. =)

  3. american apparel angers me too - no wonder they are going bankrupt

  4. Boo AA! American Eagle is just like that too. I hate online shopping because many e-tailers require you to make returns through mail AND they don't cover the return costs, which more often than not, cost more than the item you bought! Ridiculous T.T

  5. Love the AA shoes but that is ridiculous about their return policy! Also wtf at their weird sizing... so annoying :/

    xo, alison*elle

  6. That is so frustrating, I can't believe they have such bad customer service online, too. Maybe try contacting them again? & the sizing should never be that far out, thats crazy.
    i really love the flats from hong kong, so cute.

    1. I KNOW me too! I've always been happy with their retail experience, so this was really disappointing.

      Thanks for the compliment on my flats!

  7. gah! this is why i'm skeptical about shopping from online stores because i can't try on any of the clothes. that totally sucks :( hope you can find a resolution (have you tried sending a nasty tweet or fb message on their page? that usually catches their attention)

    1. hehe I tweeted them when I did my post tweet for this one!


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