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The Product
Aging. That dreaded thing that happens to everyone, giving us dull, saggy, wrinkly, spotting skin.  You can't stop it, but you can fight the good fight and hold off aging as long as possible.  Diet and lifestyle choices are of course the #1 fighting agent, but good skin products can also help - that's where Kiehl's comes in.  

For Asians, one of the biggest concerns we have regarding aging isn't so much wrinkles, but a loss of luminescence in the skin as well as age spots from sun damage.  Bright, even skin looks more youthful, so lately I've been investing in products to keep my skin as bright and even as I can.  Having been a perennial sun lover in my youth, I tended to slack more on sunscreen than I do now (I now wear it religiously!) and as a result I have a smattering of faint age spots on my cheekbones and a few more freckles than I used to.  Can this product help lessen the damage?

The Guts
The Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution contains a potent mix of brightening agents (vitamin C, peony extract) and hydrating complexes (white birch extract) to help erase those first signs of aging.  

Price & Packaging
For $54 for a 30mL bottle, it might not seem like much, but this is definitely bang for your buck in terms of effectiveness.  The solution comes packaged with an eyedropper dispenser and I only use 4 drops that are slightly smaller than the size of the home button on an iPhone to cover both cheeks, forehead, and the rest of my face every night. 

For the past month, I've applied the serum everyday: once in the morning to my cheekbones where most of the spots are and once at night all over.  The serum is very watery, so less is more; however once applied it absorbs quickly once you massage it in.  Immediately after applying, my skin feels refreshed and since the last month, I think it has looked brighter and more even.  As for lessening the sun spots on my face? Zilch.  In fact, I suspect, and I could be crazy, that it's actually made them more visible!  Perhaps this is the serum's plan and slowly my spots will rise to the surface of my skin and flake harmlessly off?  Only time will tell, but Kiehl's title claim for this product is kind of a bust.

In 140 characters or less:  Not a miracle worker, but an effective skin brightener.

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  1. i LOVE this product!! i too, have had success with overall brightening and clarifying of my skin.

  2. I actually like this product a lot - been using it everyday, and found that it works has decreased the onset of breakouts. Thanks again for inviting me to the Kiehl's event :)


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