Mad for Spring with Coopers Closet

A few weeks ago I met up with fellow local fashion blogger, Sarah of Cooper's Closet, for a photoshoot.  As always I was super excited to try my hand at taking photos, so I was happy to oblige Sarah's request for some spring outfit photos.  Definitely check out Sarah's blog as she offers great style and beauty tips for women who live in real life - not magazines.

On the day that we shot, it was a bright afternoon, although thankfully not as super sunny as when I shot Sheila and Rosie!  While sun is great for keeping models warm, it tends to create really over exposed photos.  The slightly overcast weather for this day was much easier to set exposure on, although I do think it also kinda washes Sarah out.  Anyone have tips to compensate for that?

Outfit detail shots are a must!

Doesn't Sarah just have the most gorgeous green eyes?

Check out the rest of the photos on Flickr here and thanks again to Sarah for letting me take her picture! 

If you have a blog you'd like photos for, or are just someone who would like some free pictures taken, email or tweet me!

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  1. She is gorgeous! I love the photo with the yellow dress.

  2. She does have nice green eyes. Three of my siblings have green eyes and the other halp of us have blue.

  3. Beautiful photos of Sarah! That yellow dress is stunning on her!


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