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Post work cocktail.. or two.. or three 

Deeeelicious smoked salmon, capers and argula flat bread at Coast 

Consolation fish & chips after missing out on the spot prawn festival on Granville Island 

Creamy earl grey cheesecake and charming tea plates at Berry Good with Mr. Artist. 

A new toy for my baby nephew - so squishy!

Rocking red lips 365 days a year.

On my Instagram profile I state that this is a visual diary of my life.  So far, my life seems to revolve around food porn, doggies and clothes.   Yeah, I'd say it's pretty accurate.

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  1. The flatbread looks divine! My instagram is pretty much travel, food, fashion, and random stuff (yep sounds like my life!)'

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. That's a pretty sweet looking life! What's in the cocktail???


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