Obsessed with: Instagram

For months I'd heard endless gushing by my friends about this fantastic photo sharing app called Instagram.  I searched in vain, like an unrequited lover for an Android version that would fill my void, but sadly none quite matched all the aspects that Instagram had.  There were apps that shared photos, but had crappy filters and apps with amazing photo editing options, but little in the way of a sharing community.  When oh when would Instagram come?

Well, finally a short while ago it did! And all Android users rejoiced.  We were finally beginning to gain some recognition that we were just as good as iPhone and that really, we're not as boring as a Blackberry.  As soon as I heard the announcement on Twitter, I immediately went to the Android app store and downloaded it.  Since then, my world has changed and now I walk everywhere seeking shots to visually document my life!  Man, I am such a nerd.  

Here's a few snapshots from my @mizzjblog stream:

A friendly sign on the walk to work 

Yummy thin crust pizza 

Sunset in the park 

 Having a 90s moment at the Our Lady Peace concert

The first signs of Spring 

The origin of my recent obsession with goat cheese

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  1. i'm on it!! i think i have you already added...although today, insta is acting up and won't refresh my feed boo!

  2. nice pictures! I went to see Our Lady Peace when they were here last month too, it was a good show!

  3. Look at you .. quite the instagram photog~ The pictures are great!! my fav was the sunset in the park! and of course the pizza pic made me hungry!! Those pizza's look so gooooood!

  4. Those iPhones aren't so great, but your pictures are--I love that don't talk to strangers sign.

    Android and iPhone are both far better than my really old cell phone. It's only plus is that it's very inexpensive to replace....I could probably get one free with a full tank of gas at some stations. =)

  5. Yay Android! *high-five* I have to admit that I didn't really see the appeal of it at first, but when it became available for Android--what do you know?--I was totally into it. Practically all my pictures are of food haha..
    I love your Instagram pics, although they sometimes make me hungry ;)

  6. I see my boobs, lol. Nice photos =D Too bad no instagram for BB =(

  7. there is an iphone in my near future - and im beyond excited with the only reason being instagram

  8. I am addicted to Instagram as well. Every once in a while an OLP song will come on my iPod, and I am reminded of my love for alternative 90's music:) Looks like they still have a good following.


  9. I am SO madly in love with Instagram! And the addiction hasn't faded one bit! Thank goodness there's an android app for it now :)


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