Why Asian snacks are better: food you're SUPPOSED to play with

As a child, I always had an intense fascination with anything cute and miniature: doll houses, Fisher Price kitchen tools, miniature model sets in museums... let's just say I was more interested in playing with my Barbie kitchen set with its mini fridge filled with miniature foods than I ever was with any of my actual dolls!

So when I stumbled upon these videos of Japanese model food candy, I was instantly hooked.  Cooking AND mini?!  It's a travesty that they don't sell this in Canada, although maybe that could be because this candy is likely highly bad for you.  Possibly cancerous candy fries anyone?

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  1. I want to eat it and not eat it at the same time. I'm sure it's just mostly gelatin right??!!

    1. lol I hope so... otherwise I don't think whatever other substance it could be made out of would be very healthy :p

  2. Hahahaha .. so cool~ I love how they give you mini preparation utensils to make the burger~ I wih they had cups of soda as big as the burger and fries in real life!! I wonder if it's edible~

  3. That stuff is so cute! This is sort of related...when I was first married I ended up watching my nephew. He was around 3. When he went to the bathroom, he saw what he thought was a bowl of candy (only a 3 year-old would think there was candy in a bathroom). It was a bowl of bath oil balls of some sort (not mine), about the size of a chocolate covered cherry. He and I both learned lessons that day. =)

  4. i swear, asians have the best ideas! i wouldn't want to eat any of this stuff because they're so adorable i'd just want to keep them around! same goes for any of their stationary stuff... i never want to use it because it's so cute

  5. I wish there was a candy store or T&T that sold these DIY candies! They look so cool :D


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