365 Outfit Challenge week 22 + help save a life

Top: Gap | Shorts: Forever 21 | Booties: MNG 

Sheer leopard print shirt c/o Shoppalu | Belt, skirt: H&M | Brogues: American Apparel

Polka-dot blouse: Zara | Tee: Club Monaco | Hello Kitty ring | Ring: gifted

I usually blog about silly things like clothes, shoes and makeup here, but in a world full of depressing things, I think we all deserve a little escapism when we can.   My thoughts this week are in Alberta, for 2 reasons.

The first reason is because of the oil spill in Alberta which has devastated homes, livelihoods and environmental habitats.  Hopefully the good that can come out of this situation is that the government, and the people who vote them in, will realize that a coincidental oil spill is not coincidental, nor isolated when they continuously occur.

The second reason is because of my cousin who alerted me to a fight her close friend is going through.  Darla is a mother of 5 and young and full of life, yet Fate has somehow hit her with the big C - brain cancer.  Diagnosed with only months to live, Darla is now desperately fighting to try to find a doctor who will operate on her and raise funds to help give her a chance to stay with her family just a little longer.  Please check out her Facebook page to see how you can spread the word and help out.

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  1. Life has its ups and downs for sure and sometimes we have to slow down to understand the gravity of things. I have family in Alberta including little ones and wonder how this could impact their well being. I guess we all have a responsibility to be informed on these issues so that we can take action, either with our votes or with grassroots organizations, to prevent such events.

    Yes, cancer is devastating. All the best to your cousin and Darla - definitely will help spread the world via social media.

  2. I'm so sorry Darla and her loved ones are in such a terrible situation. My MIL was once given 6 months to live because of a brain tumor, but lived years. I hope Darla has a similar miracle. Heading to FB.

  3. wow my heart goes out to darla & her family

  4. PS - not that you would hit anyone, but theHC ring would leave an interesting mark. =)

  5. Loving the Hello Kitty! Great job combining fashion and spreading the word about the plight of others!
    xo Shoppalu

  6. Yes, it is important to be mindful about what goes on outside our neighborhood and city walls. And at the same time remembering the life-changing trials that people face everyday, without us knowing. It's humbling, and offers us the opportunity to appreciate Life a bit more :)


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