All about the men: Swag of the Month x Alife sample sale

Ever heard of those services where you sign up and they send you a unique gift box every month filled with new makeup and beauty samples? Well now there's a similar service for men!  Instead of serving subscribers with beauty samples, Swag of the Month sends its customers a freshly minted new tee every month - all for $16.95.  While this service is targeted toward men, us girls can get in on the action as well by "borrowing" the best of the tees that our guy receives.  I've got my own eye on these two fun shirts below:

The shirts come from a range of 120 different designers so there's sure to be lots of variety.  I think this probably skews more to the casual, skater guy than the prep.  While I've heard mixed reviews about the beauty/makeup gift box services, this is a unique service that I think might have more promise - if the shirt sucks, you can always donate it to charity!

Psst and in other fashion news... for all you kicks lovers out there, ALife is having a secret sample sale!  Here's the deets:

June 22 12-5pm
June 23, 24 12-6pm
3rd floor, 411 W. Cordova St.
Cash only.

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  1. The first shirt is ripping off the Star Spangled Banner that's hanging in my National Museum of American History. Cool!!! And the second one, well, it's interesting. =)

  2. Thanks for sharing Swag of the Month - I have a couple guy friends that I could give a subscription to as a bday gift!


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