Almay Fall 2012 makeup preview

Most of the time being a blogger is a pretty thankless job.  You slave away, tapping away on your lonely keyboard, wondering who out there in the world is reading your words and maniacally posting everything you write, read, and think about on every social network imaginable.  And why would you subject yourself to this?  Well, mostly to meet like-minded people, but also for the hard-earned perks! The night that I attended the Almay fall preview event was one of those perks that made all the work of blogging seem just a little less dreary and a lot more fun.  It was also a lot more fun because I got to attend with one of my favourite blog friends, Sheila!

It was a beautiful spring evening when Sheila and I made our way to the Pan Pacific hotel to attend an exclusive event hosted by Almay.  It was an intimate mix of beauty editors and bloggers who were greeted by our gracious hosts.  We were treated to drinks and appetizers, which were much welcomed for the post-work time.  Food was quickly forgotten though as we got to the business of the night: makeup!

After a quick video intro by Almay's spokeswoman, Kate Hudson, it was right into the products as presented by Almay's national product trainer, Jacquie Hutchinson.

Almay has a wonderful origin story.  Started by a husband seeking to create products wearable on his wife's sensitive skin, all of Almay's products are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and cruelty-free.  I've always seen Almay on my drugstore shelves, but I never really considered them a HG product line.  However, after this presentation I have to say that this line is definitely worth buying; not only is everything affordable, but the quality is awesome.  

Here are all the details on the products we tried that night:

Clockwise from top left: Intense i-color shadow stick for hazel eyes, brown eyes, blue eyes, and green eyes

Almay targets women on the go and takes the guesswork out of makeup by creating customized color palettes designed to bring out the brights of your eyes.  I realized that I always favour the color tones meant for blue eyes, but after seeing the demo on the audience participant, who was also Asian, I feel like I should give greens another spin more often!

These babies are Q-tips on crack.  If you're a goof like me, you make mistakes with your liner all the time.  Erase those babies like it's NBD with these miracle workers.  Just take a stick, snap it like a glow stick and oil-free makeup remover flows into the tip.  I wonder if it would erase that number on your arm left by last night's mistake at the bar?

No matter how tired you are, a clear, bright complexion is a must.  No eyeliner will make you look awake if your skin is dull and blotchy.  Each of these products is designed to give you even, glowing skin.  

Start with the primer to prep your skin for your makeup.  The green ribbons neutralize redness while the lavender brighten.  The two mix together into a formula that moisturizes skin, while ensuring it doesn't leave it oily all day.  I wasn't too sure how this would mix with my golden-toned skin, but it seemed to blend better than most green tinged concealers and didn't leave me with an undesirable pink tinge.

Next, use concealer to cover up those unsightly blemishes.  This concealer does double duty by also containing a salicylic acid end.  Dab blemishes with the treatment gel first, dab it dry, then dot on concealer!  Be warned though, a little bit of the treatment gel goes a long way as it's kinda watery.

Finally, finish up your look with a layer of this moisturizing and protecting foundation.  Perfect for people with problem skin, this foundation contains salicylic acid to battle blemishes all day.  I'm not sure if I would use it myself as I tend to have drier rather than oilier skin, but I did find its consistency to be quite light and easily blended. 

 Wake up eyeliner and highlighter

This baby isn't even on the website yet, but it is sure to be a hit!  With a killer combo of an eyeliner and a smudgy end for highlighting, this is the one-stop eye makeup tool that you NEED to have. Hell, you could even do your makeup with one hand using this baby - just twirl the ends!

I still consider myself a newbie when it comes to blush.  It can be super tricky to come off with that perfect flush and more often than not, I suspect I look more clownish than romantically flushed.  Almay wants to make blush fool-proof and with this handly little slide-out instructional pamphet, I can bet it almost does.  I loved the color of this peachy-gold blush that reminded me a bit of Nars Laguna.  The provided shadow brush was also surprisingly of high quality, with soft, firm bristles.  I can't wait to try this one out!

Thanks again Almay for hosting a fun, informative event! 

Now that you've read through this super long post - what product are you excited to try?

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  1. I have used the intense eyeshadow in the past, but those eraser sticks look interesting to try! Easy to stash in my purse, without the fuss!

  2. Awww thanks! I'm so honoured to be one of your favourite blogger friends <3

    I love your writing style, great post =)

  3. i LOVE those makeup eraser sticks! i usually dip qtips in makeup remover for spot erasing.


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