Blogger Challenge: how to wear shorts from day to night

Last month I and a few of my fellow bloggers challenged each other on how we each could style a LBD.  The results were so fun and all so varied that we were energized to do it again!  For this month's challenge, we decided to try utilizing a common summer item: shorts.

Shorts are worn by many, but are sadly relegated to predominantly daytime events, which is unfair when they make perfectly good evening outfit items as well.  For my part of the challenge, I decided to take on a pair of leather shorts that I purchased earlier this year from Bedo.  I've been wanting leather shorts for a long while and it took FOREVER to find the perfect pair.  Leather shorts are surprisingly versatile all year and provide just the right hint of edginess to suit my downtown style.  Here's how I wore them:

For day, paired with: Forever 21 chambray shirt and Gap red flats.

For night, paired with: blush tone blouse, Tory Burch silk scarf and Michael Kors heeled clogs

I hope these outfits inspire you to throw on shorts both and night and show off your gorgeous gams!

Want to see more awesome shorts outfits? Then check out my fellow challengers:

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  1. Looks great! Love them with the blouse and scarf :)

  2. I like those shorts! I don't have leather shorts yet.

  3. u are adorable in the 2nd picture

  4. And you certainly do have gorgeous gams!

  5. I loved the outfit you wore to Kiehl's! I'm digging the long-sleeved shirt under the chambray too.

  6. cute heels!!

    PS: I want to invite you to giveaway on my blog of 100$ in ROMWE. I wait for you!


  7. really love your night look with the printed blouse and the clogs. And for day, your Golden is the perfect companion :)


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