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The Product
Hi, my name is MizzJ and I am a lip balm addict.  I am never, ever, without lip balm except in dire emergencies where I've forgotten it, or used it up.  When I'm without lip balm, I imagine that my lips are slowly drying and cracking before my eyes and it leaves me very anxious.  It's probably unhealthy to have such a reaction, but at least this addiction isn't unhealthy to my body!

Anyways, I bought this balm at a craft show last season and was very curious to try it.  I've never tried Element Botanicals before, so I had no idea what to expect from this all natural brand.

The Guts
This lip balm is designed to 100% natural, soothing ingredients for dry, itchy lips such as like cocoa butter, olive oil, carrot oil, hemp seed oil, and peppermint to moisten and protect.

Price & Packaging
At $4, this lip balm is pricier than my usual fare.  The packaging is also different from other balms I've used with its almond-shaped dispenser rather than the usual circular shape of other balms.  The almond shape was a bit unusual, but overall useful as it fit the shape of my lips better, providing more coverage with less motion.

At first, I felt that this balm was too thick and waxy for my liking, but as time went on, this balm grew on me.  I love the tingly feeling from the peppermint oil and its fresh, minty scent.

What I didn't like about this balm was that during the first week or so of using it, my lips started peeling!  I can only attribute this to the hope that the ingredients of this balm were working to slough off my dead skin cells to reveal softer lips underneath.  Now the peeling only occurs a little bit first thing after I apply it in the morning.  Another con to this balm is that it tends to absorb faster than other balms meaning you'll find yourself applying often.

In 140 characters or less: 100% natural ingredients that give you soft lips with a minty fresh scent!

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  1. i'm an addict too! i have lip balms in every room in my house (no joke) and two in my purse (in case i can't find one!). i would have one in my car but i don't want it to melt (or freeze).

    i used to use vaseline but then heard it's not good for you and since i'm all about natural products, i've recently been using a lip balm made by Pure + Simple.

    i've heard a lot about TheBalm ... i'll have to google them/their products.

  2. As I read this post, I was thinking of forwarding it to Kathy. But I see she beat me here. =)
    My wife only uses vaseline, I've bought a bunch of different brands for her (because I really don't like the vaseline), but they sit in a drawer, untouched.

    1. Lol sheesh you know every blogger out there, don't you ;)


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