Current Inspirations

And I.... will always love you... Givenchy Antigona

Cat-eyes and red lips

Craving warm Mediterranean breezes

Contemplating whether I can pull off a wavy bob

Tres geek chic

Arm swag

Cooking breakfast in bed for Mr. Artist and I. Maybe I'll actually do that one day!

All things inspiring me lately on my Pinterest.

What's inspiring you lately?

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  1. love it all!

    and you could totally pull off a wavy bob.

  2. That's a nice collection MizzJ! I'll always love my baseball mit.

    About breakfast in bed, I can never do that for my wife. I make breakfast on the weekends quite often, but she's too...well, it would end up breakfast on the bed if I tried serving her there. =)

  3. I think this calls for a trip to the Mediterranean:)

  4. FYI the Antigona is on sale at several places right now... not tempting at all, I'm sure XD

  5. ugh i wish i could just fly to italy and spend a month soaking up the mediterrean sea breeze on the almafi coast


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