London Drugs Cosmetics Fall 2012 preview (*pic heavy*)

Last week I was super psyched to attend the London Drugs Fall Indulgence event, all thanks to my wonderful friend Sheila.  This was surely to be one of the hottest events of the season as many of the beauty brands sold in London Drugs were on hand to showcase their upcoming lines for fall.

This posh and exclusive event was hosted high above the city at the top of a tower in downtown Vancouver. Offering panoramic views of the city, the venue perfectly suited the white suit clad model/servers ushering guests into the area, delicate appies and tasty complimentary drinks on hand.  Sheila and I were like two kids let loose in a candy shop as we were greeted by one friendly brand representative after another.  Although in recent years I've bought my makeup and beauty products at Sephora more than LD, I've come to have a total 180 in my thinking after this event and the Almay event a few weeks ago.  Drug store makeup is totally making a comeback baby!  With quality comparable to luxe brands with way better prices, one thing is for sure - I'll be buying more than toilet paper and shampoo next time I hit up my local drug store!

Cannot wait to try out these anti-aging products from Strivectin!  Bright skin and fine lines BEGONE! 

Avene is an European line who is revolutionizing the sensitive skin beauty market by breaking down that incomprehensible ingredient list, taking out the preservatives, and introducing an innovative 2 layer system that prevents product from ever being exposed to the air and therefore beginning the breakdown process.  Simple.  No fragrances, no harsh chemicals and preservatives.  Why didn't I think of that?

Unbeknownst to me, London Drugs has a cool beauty service where they will test your skin for several key factors: sebum, hydration, keratin, and elasticity and recommend products to improve your skin's health.  It all looks very complicated, but in less than 5 minutes you'll have a customized regimen just for you!

Loreal's come out with a brand new formulation of their popular Voluminous mascara that's formulated to last as long as it lengthens.  There's also a new collection of lippies that are a mix of balm and lipstick AND a nifty new BB cream! 

I've never really used Marcelle before as I considered them an "older" brand, but I guess I'm getting old, so Marcelle is now for me!  I've already begun trying out their Duo Eyebrow-pro, which is a dual eyebrow shadow and gel and I'm absolutely in love with it! 

One of the biggest prizes of the night for me was the Marc Jacobs fragrance booth.  The ladies at MJ were super friendly and they had one of the cutest stands with their teeny potion bottles filled with little messages telling you which of the MJ fragrance line you'd won!  I got to try a sample of the Daisy fragrance (super fresh, youthful and perky) and I got to take a bottle of the lusher, more sensual Lola (review coming soon!) 

The makeup spread at NYX literally had me drooling.  There were a TON of products laid out there and I came home with a ton of things to try.  If the products make me look as gorgeous as the NYX staff, then I'm sold! 

Definitely the product I'm most looking forward to trying, this at home kit promises to give you salon gel nail results for way less and way faster!  Seems to good to be true? Only 2 ways to find out - either buy one yourself next season, or wait to read my review! 

The 2nd most fabulous nail table had to go to Revlon, whose event manicure table was a popular spot all evening.  The neon art line gave me the fabulous poppin orange mani you see here and it was all super easy with Revlon's innovative duo of a white polish base and a super pigmented neon polish.  Besides nail polishes, Revlon also wowed with these gorgeous balm lip stains, which give a creamy hit of color that's easily layered for everyday.

Lisa of Revlon and Sheila getting their nails did! 

Me with my mani... which I promptly ruined when I picked up my camera 

We're professionals

Lastly, we were introduced to a new and exclusive brand to London Drugs - Studio Makeup.  Giving professional quality for affordable prices, this line of super pigmented shadows, liners, mascaras, and foundations are going to be a huuge hit.  I was so impressed with the color impact of the shadows, I just had to jump into the makeover chair to get a touch-up by their flown in makeup artist!

Thank you to everyone at the event for being such gracious hosts! And stay tuned for product reviews of all these products (some may even involve giveaways!)

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  1. LOL, no offense to anyone, but you're starting out with an advantage, so I'm not sure your results will actually prove anything. =)

    How's the $$$???

  2. Great event recap, J! I'm especially excited to see your review of the Revlon gel mani kit!

    xo, alison*elle

  3. avene is getting great reviews on the beauty boards i visit. love the pics and those events ... it's like christmas!!!

  4. So much to see and try at this event! Now I know to ask for the beauty skin test the next time I'm at LD!

  5. Hi, I just want to invite you to join the RIRE giveaway on my blog

    Nice picks by the way. I love them!

  6. You're so LUCKY! So envious!!!

    How do you get invited to these events? I would love to be part of that and meet new people!


    1. haha just luck of the draw when PR people find my blog! And also having good friends who invite me to stuff :)

  7. Pic heavy and I love it. Looks like you had a great time. I had no idea about that beauty service, must find this at LD next time!

    I actually use a lot of Marcelle products and find it to be a really versatile brand (I have several cleansers, plus eye makeup removers, BB cream, mascara, blush, etc. all of which work amazingly.)

  8. I like the concept,actually these events are orginsed very well manner.Thanks for this.

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