#365outfit Challenge week 27

Skirt: Winners | Purse: c/o Shoppalu | Belt: Olivia Boutique | Cardigan: American Eagle | Banana Republic

Tank: swapped | Floral bolero: vintage | Shorts: Forever 21 | Espadrilles: Aldo

Ugh. July has been horrible for photo taking for me.  Ironically, the weather has been fantastic so unlike during winter, there's been ample light for outfit photo taking.  So what's my problem?  I've been being a bum that's why and going out to the beach too much to remember taking photos and photos of me in my beach gear isn't very interesting.  Sorry guys, the sunshine is calling to me! I'll be better next week.

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  1. The floral bolero is so adorable. Nice vintage find.


  2. Hi there sunshine (I mean you)! We had a few nice days in between the heat and humidity, not now we're set for a full week of rain. Enjoy the beach and sunshine while you can.

  3. Ah pretty :) * its funny how when the weather is awesome for taking photos you're too busy doing other stuff! haha.

    x stace

  4. Is the first collage your outfit for work? You look great, hun. Ah, why no photos at the beach? I love looking at summery beach photos.

  5. Ahhh yes! Sometimes it can be such a hassle taking outfit photos. Wouldn't it be great if we all had someone who was always there to be our photographer? Haha!

    That purse is gorgeous BTW!

  6. That black bag is so cute! Don't worry, the sun calls to everyone :) I didn't blog for a year straight b/c I was out having too much fun in the city!!


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