American Apparel hires 61 year old model

Wonders never cease.  The brand known for its racy and downright pervy images of hipsters has now found a new way to shock us - and I kinda like it.  Meet Jacky, American Apparel's latest campaign model.  She's definitely hitting a different demographic for AA, but after reading the story of how she ended up in an AA ad on Fashionista, I can see she actually fits the brand quite well:

  • Living in hipster digs in NYC - check
  • Smoking like a hipster in NYC when discovered by fellow hipster in puffy coat - check
  • Open to posing with legs spread wide open while wearing a leotard, NBD - check
Jacky was discovered by pure happenstance, having had a random encounter on the street with an AA employee walking by who commented on how "regal" Jacky looked smoking.  The second encounter was when the two met again while both were alone dining in a restaurant; their eyes met, they drank wine and the rest is history.

At 6 feet tall and with long flowing hair and piercing eyes, one has to wonder if Jacky was a model in her youth, but she claims this is her first gig.  Her photos have a warmth and wisdom to them that I find refreshing to the usual Lolita fare AA normally spits out and it's very cool to see that even seniors can look edgy in over-priced basics.  I guess I will save and not donate my old AA leotards for when I'm old!

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  1. At first I thought it was neat they chose someone different. But after reading the checklist I'm thinking being older is good, but not different enough. I've gotten to be anti-hipster.

    About the leotards, maybe you could share them with your mom and get new ones for you. :)

    1. haha true, but AA can't be anti-hipster, that's their entire image!

  2. I'm always for going against the grain and seeing beauty everywhere...even from a not-so-highly-favored brand like AA


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