Buy: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain review

The Product
Revlon has just released a new line of chubby lip pencil/balms aiming to meet all your moisturizing, lip coloring needs in one product.  Designed for women on the go, this lip balm stain comes in 12 layerable colors for when you feel like a vampy red, a pretty pink, or a luscious nude.

Lately I've been feeling the nude lip tones so I opted for the Charm shade, which is the palest color in the line.  A baby-pink-peach color, will this lip stain give me the perfect glossy nude lip I've been dreaming of?

Price & Packaging
At just under $10, these lip stains are reasonably priced for a drugstore brand.  I quite like the chubby lip pencil style of this product as it gives you a bit of precision if you need it, but you can also just slather it on like a gloss with its thick applicator.  The pencil also fits neatly in a clutch, or purse and I love how you never need to sharpen it!


Please excuse the scary close-up of my lips!  As you can see here, the Charm shade is a fantastic nude.  My natural lip color is actually a shade or so darker than this and this lip stain lightens that considerably giving me a pretty peachy lip.  As well, it's a bit glossy, which always helps lips look youthful.

My only complaints with the product are that

  1. You have to apply a LOT of product to see any color pay-off. I would love for Revlon to put out a super pigmented version of this.  I get that it's a balm stain, but if I want less color, I'll just use less product.  With one swipe I get about as much pigment as a dab of Vaseline, which is to say, zero.
  2. This product is not a great balm.  It does have a bit of balm-y, moisturizing texture, but not enough for my perennially dry lips.  I prefer to wear this over top of my usual lip balm.  Without lip balm, the color settles into lip lines horribly.

In 140 characters or less:
Great layerable product that comes in tons of pretty shades. Could be more moisturizing and pigmented, but it still does the trick!

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  1. I agree, this shade is a lovely nude! Wonder if the darker shades are more pigmented?

  2. Bah! I saw this post right after buying some new makeup. I'll have to check this out on my lunch break tomorrow. Very pretty!

  3. I am a huge fan of Clinique Chubby Sticks but was thinking about buying these Revlon ones since they are cheaper. I am not sure anymore since you are saying that there is barely any colour.

    I just tested on my hand the Annabelle lip crayon (or stick, I can't remember what it's called) and there are a couple of shades that I like. It does deposit a lot of colour. I might just buy one tonight.

    1. You may want to try swatching a darker shade of the Revlon sticks in store, just in case it's just this particular shade that is so light! I do quite like this stick, it's just the color pay-off for this particular one isn't that great unless you're like me and don't mind slathering it on haha

  4. I just got these and I love it. Do you like the minty scent?
    p.s. Walmart has them for $8!



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