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The Product
As you age, many "wonderful" things begin to happen to your body: wrinkles, sagginess, spots, and... cellulite.  Though regular exercise can help prevent those dreaded body dimples, sometimes it's our genes that doom us no matter what we do.  Can beauty products like the LUS S-line Body Glove help to firm, tighten and rejuvenate tired body skin?  Only one way to find out.

Price & Packaging
For the price of $24 (plus shipping) you can get a box filled with several sets of body gloves, which I guess is pretty good value per glove, about the same price as a paper face mask.  Each mask is encased in its own plastic sleeve and similar to paper face masks, the glove itself is soaked with product when you bring it out.  The glove is designed more like a mitt which you fit over your hand with a small hole for your thumb.  There are 2 sides to the glove: a dotted side that exfoliates and a smooth, grainy side that provides cellulite-busting ingredients to skin.

Having never tried products such as these ever before, I was quite curious.  I don't have any major cellulite, just some very slight dimpling on my thighs.  I used the gloves once a week post-shower.

The exfoliating side felt very nice on my skin; very scrubby and grainy, while the moisturizing side felt like I was rubbing a face mask across my body - think very moist and a smooth, papery texture.

The only problem with this product was that by the time I did my thighs thoroughly, I didn't have much product left for my stomach, back and triceps.  If it's a body product, one might as well use it all over right?  I think to properly massage my body all over with the product, I would've needed several gloves for one session!  I think the lack of product coverage was a big setback for me as after several weeks, I didn't see any noticeable difference in cellulite or circumference of my thighs in general.  The only positive benefit was that I felt my skin to be softer after application than if I had just applied moisturizer alone.

In 140 characters or less
Similar to a face mask for the body. Moisturizes & softens, but no change in cellulite.

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