Kiehls opens in Richmond! (*pic heavy*)

Last week I was invited to the opening event of the new Kiehls store in Richmond Centre.  Located right near the Forever 21 store, this corner of the mall is going to be a hot one-stop center for all your fashion and beauty needs!

Sprinkled throughout with gorgeous flowers like the above, the opening featured some posh eats and bubbly, as well as a fun photobooth alongside all the awesome Kiehls products.  

As in every Kiehls store, an iconic motorcycle sat right by the entrance.  The motorcycle was first brought into the Kiehls store as a way to entice male customers while their female counterparts shopped.  Now though, men have their own corner of the store all to themselves, featuring the full line of Kiehls cleansers, creams and after shave balms formulated for men.  There's even a new line for dogs!

Bloggers will be bloggers - tweeting and instagram-ing away!  Pictured here: Ashley of Makeup Kismet, Yvonne of Oh So Vonnie, Angela of Do Want Makeup and Kerri of There's Something About Kerri. 

Another iconic touch: Mr Bones.  Every Kiehls store has their own Mr. Bones to highlight Kiehls apothecary roots.  Here's a piece of trivia - Mr. Bones used to be a Missus!

Besides just oogling the products, every guest got a personalized consultation by a Kiehls associate on their beauty needs.  For me, I was surprised to find that my face wasn't just normal-oily, but actually dehydrated! So much for all those mattifying products.  Now I know that in order to combat my oiliness, I need to actually moisturize more.  The extra moisture will also have a handy side-effect of eliminating those pesky fine lines I've been seeing as well!  For my needs, I was recommended to try Kiehls Ultra Facial line, a gentle cleansing line designed to even out skin tone and repair and replenish parched skin.

 Me and my uber helpful consultant, Phoebe!

Shorties unite! L to R: Rosie of Style Love, me, Ashley

Kiehls was SUPER generous to me by gifting me with a full set of products, including the Ultra Facial cleanser, cream, the Rare Earth pore cleansing masque, and the Line Reducing eye-brightening concentrate.  I cannot wait to try out all these awesome products and I definitely recommend you pop into the Kiehls store to try out their fabulous products!

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  1. Love the curly hair~ and the leather shorts~ HOT!!

  2. So sleek and sexy looking! Btw have you decided on a day/days for this week? The elliptical is calling my name... haha

  3. I'm so happy they opened in Richmond Centre - I hated having to go downtown for my Kiehls fix. And wow you look like you have a totally different style with wavy hair. Bombshell!

    1. They're in Metro as well! Not sure which is closer, but Richmond store looks bigger than Metro's store.

      And thanks for the compliment on my hair!


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