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Nomming on seafood in the sun 

One of my favourite things: still warm fresh egg tarts 

 Adorable and delicious French desserts and tea with friends

Relaxing by the famous sea wall 

Picking up some summer essentials

Life lately has been full of good friends, good food and lots of relaxation.  Not a bad way to kick off summer's official beginnings.

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  1. Mmmm .. fresh egg tarts~ Yummy!! Love the lil bear~ LoL

  2. You hang out at the best places!

  3. Great instagram pics. I walk by Joe Fortes constantly and have never stopped in, but those scallops look marvelous.

  4. awesome pics. i've been craving scallops because i've been watching hells kitchen and they always cook scallops at every dinner service.

  5. I can never get enough of Instagram pics - awesome photos ! Mm egg tarts.


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