Style Inspiration: Clemence Poesy

I always love a style challenge and for a birthday party coming this weekend, the birthday girl chose a theme for everyone's outfit.  Considering many of the guests are fellow bloggers, this was of course greeted with much enthusiasm!  Fitting with the birthday girl's classically chic style, she chose "Parisian style" as the theme.

Hmm Parisian.  I do love me some girly style, but I'm not much for typical French style - I'm more of a boots and slouchy sweater coat than a tweed and pearls kind of girl.  It's not to say that I don't admire that type of style (I do), but I think my style leans towards a casual-er look to compensate for the impression others take of me as being prim and proper!  Not sure where they get that idea - obviously they've never seen me first thing in the morning.

In any case, after doing some research, I found out that I was utterly wrong about French style.  French style is more than just classic elegance; it's an attitude, a way of thought in how you put things together.  Many iconic French style icons even err more on the bohemian, vintage side than the polished side and it is in icons like these that I found my French niche, so to speak.

One French beauty who has always stood out to me is Clemence Poesy.  You may remember her from her brief stint on Gossip Girl, but this model/actress is known world-wide for her effortless, vintage-inspired, French style. 

Poesy's style can be broken down into 3 key looks:

Schoolgirl Chic

  • A-line mid-thigh to knee-length skirts
  • Feminine touches: ruffles, bows, lace, pleats, sequins, beads, buttons
  • Perfectly loosely fitted blouses
  • Cream, black, white, navy, camel, blush
  • Structured totes and clutches

Boots are made for everything


  • Ankle moto-boots
  • Mix with look #1 or #3

Boho elegance


  • Funky hat
  • Solid colored, slightly sheer, oversized blouses
  • Perfectly loose patterned tees
  • Colored denim
  • Ankle boots
  • Boyfriend blazers
  • Fringed purse

Each look here exudes French effortlessness, that certain "oh this? I literally just threw it on last minute with my eyes closed" attitude.  While I'll never nail that attitude, I can certainly achieve these looks with the items in my closet - but which one??  Readers, I need your help!

Which Clemence Poesy look should I wear?

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  1. i love the boho look. i just wish i could pull it off without look frumpy

  2. J you would look great in all of these looks but I adore the girly look for a girlfriend's bday party. I was a big fan of this actress when she was on Gossip Girl. I thought she always looked stunning, no matter what she was wearing. Definitely had that Je ne sais quoi Parisienne attitude that's hot!

  3. I quite enjoyed this post. Aside from her unreal gorgeousness, she has such great style.

  4. I am a big believe that boots are made for everything. Clemence does have an amazing sense of style and she is just so beautiful!!


  5. This post is awesome because I was thinking exactly like you about Parisian style. You could rock any of these, but my personal favourite is schoolgirl chic!

  6. I remember her, definitely a role model on chic Parisian feel :)

  7. Thanks everyone, looks like School girl is winning by a landslide, so I'll likely go with that (I've already formulated an outfit haha) but I'll keep the poll open just to squeeze in those last minute votes!


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