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The Product
I'm a constant contact wearer. Glasses just don't cut it for me as they constantly get dirty, slide down my nose and obstruct, imo, my peripheral vision.  Contacts are my preferred mode, but wearing them constantly can cause your eyes to get tired and dry fast.  Bausch + Lomb has come up with a new contact solution to resolve just this problem with their "breakthrough" solution, Bio True.

The Guts
Designed to simulate your eye's natural cleansing mechanisms, Bio True contains 3 targeted components to keep your eyes moistened and clean:

  • Is formulated to match the pH of tears, which helps prevents eye infections and minimizes discomfort when inserting contacts onto your eyes
  • Contains hyaluronan, a super agent that can hold up 1000x its weight in water.  This super-ingredient has been shown to be able to keep contacts moist for up to 20 hours!
  • A dual-disinfecting system that fights constantly to keep those nasty germs and proteins away

Price & Packaging
Bio True is available in most drugstores for around $15-20 for 2 bottles.  This price range is comparable to most solutions, so there's no price advantage to using this product.

One plus though, is the transparent packaging that allows you to see how much solution you have left.  With every other solution I've used, the bottle has always been opaque, so while Bausch + Lomb may have chosen this design feature for aesthetics more than practicality, it's quite a nifty feature I hope they extend to the rest of their lines.

I tried out my complimentary bottle of Bio True for 3 weeks.  Now, I have to say that during summer I often get awful allergies that solely affect my eyes, turning them into arid deserts that detest contacts and force me to Clark Kent myself for weeks on end.  During this product trial, my eyes were being moody, sometimes letting me wear contacts, but not for the whole day.

When I first applied my contacts after using the solution, I immediately felt a unique cooling sensation that was quite pleasant to my eyes.  For some reason, this only occurs when I first put my contacts in and quickly dissipates.  Otherwise, I found this solution to be comparable to the Amo Complete solution and didn't notice any significant increase in eye moisture compared to the Opti Free Replenish.

Unfortunately I can't compare the disinfecting properties of Bio True to Opti Free, but considering my doctor recommended the latter to me for its known cleansing ability, I think I'll stick to that one for now.

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Perfectly decent contact lens solution.  Seems moistening and the clear bottle is very helpful!

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