Buy: Marcelle Duo Pro Eyebrow Pencil & Gel review

The Product
I'm a total eyebrow noob.  After a couple previous feeble attempts at using dark eyeshadow to fill in my sparse Asian brows, I gave up, resigned to have eyebrows that disappeared in photos and that were as fine as a baby's - that is, until I attended the London Drugs Cosmetics preview show.  On that fateful evening, I got my brows done and my world was changed.  Yes, even incompetent brow noob me could have lush, shapely, brows.  Could I ever recreate this at home?

The Guts
The Marcelle Duo Pro Eyebrow Pencil & Gel is designed to be an all-in-1 eyebrow product for women on the go.  One end features a eyebrow pencil and comes in 3 shades (Blond, Brunette, Dark), while the other end contains a matching eyebrow gel.  Here, I'm using the Dark shade to match my black hair.

Price & Packaging
I quite enjoyed this compact product; it's perfect for travel and on the go touch-ups with its sleek pen shape.  The pencil side is also self-sharpening, which is another huge plus.

Price-wise, you can purchase this product for $14.95. This price is from the Marcelle website, so there might be a slight variation depending on which drugstore you visit.  I think this a tad high, but considering you're getting 2 products in 1, I don't mind too much.

Let's just say I'm in LOVE with this product.  Actually, I have said it before.  I found it extremely easy and quick to use.  The pencil is easily layer-able and you just need to do light strokes to fill in your brows as much, or as little, as you like.  If you make mistakes, it's easy to wipe them away with a clean finger, yet the color will also last all day.  The gel side also works great at herding those wayward hairs into place and setting the color.

The first few times I used this product, I definitely went overboard with the color and went way too dramatic for everyday.  Let's just say Mr. Artist hates my newly defined brows, but every female I've surveyed loves the results!

In 140 characters or less
Kinda man-repelling, but gives amazing eye-framing results!

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  2. I am going to look into this. I normally use powder and a brush but I want to use a pencil instead. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have been using powder for so long that I get nervous trying out new brow products but lately I've been thinking that powder is making them look to harsh. I think I will try this out since I've had success with Marcelle's products lately.

  4. i've heard really good things about marcelle!

    also it was so nice to finally meet you on thursday! such a pleasure :D

  5. Currently I am using eyebrow kit by Anastasia of Beverly Hill. I am always curious about other new eyebrow pencil. The right frame (the eye brow) is so important for a gal's face.

  6. Hahaha I am such an eyebrow noob too. I've tried eyebrow powder but I think pencil might be the way to go. The next time LD has a 20% off all Marcelle products, I'll pick this up!


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