Debut of my online shop!

I'm super pleased to announce that I have finally opened up my online shop!  After debating forever over how to try to sell my items (Craigslist vs eBay vs new website vs blog etc etc) I finally settled on trying to do the least amount of work possible by signing up for an online service that facilitates this exact sort of thing!

TrendTrunk is a Canadian site that allows its users to engage in a "social marketplace;" namely it's a site focused on letting its users buy and sell items from their closet.  All the items are new, or pre-loved and include clothes, shoes and accessories! The greatest feature that I love about the site, besides handling all the transaction and shipping stuff for me, is that it also gives me the option to donate portions of my sales to the charity of my choice; this is a really philanthropic angle that I found unique to all the other sites I researched and ultimately is what made me choose it.

I've posted up 6 items so far, so check out what's listed currently below (prices are in Canadian and don't include shipping fees. Check out the corresponding TrendTrunk item link to view the total with shipping for your area.):

Condition: brand new
Size: one size

Condition: new, minimal wear
Size: 5

Condition: brand new, never been worn
Size: 26, but fits like a 24

Condition: new, barely worn
Size: S

Necklace, $7 - SOLD
Condition: new
Size: 15"

Necklace, $7 - SOLD
Condition: never been worn
Size: 18"

New items will be added regularly so keep checking back here, or via the Shop tab above for updates!  You can also follow me on TrendTrunk.

Finally, if you live in Vancouver and are interested in an item, email me with your interest and a link to the TrendTrunk item that you''d like and receive free shipping!

Update Aug 25: updated for sold items!

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  1. what a great idea for a marketplace to sell from their closets. will check it out for sure!

  2. Congrats on the online shop. I love that hat.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. interesting... i have a ton of things i need to sell too. will keep this in mind!

  4. You have great taste MizzJ! I like that they ship for you--I really don't like wrapping and mailing packges.

  5. Nice work, MizzJ! Now that you have an online store, you’ll have a better chance of selling your lovely items quickly. It’d be even faster to sell out if you use Twitter and Facebook to advertise these items. =)

    Kristofer Mcginty


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