Ditch: Avon Anew Ultimate Eye Cream & Night Cream review

Two reviews for you today readers!  My aunt is an Avon lady, so I've been blessed to receive multiple Avon products to try out over the years, with varying successes.  Most of us never encounter this old brand as it's through private sale only.  I've had nothing but excellent experiences with another door-to-door sale product line, Mary Kay, so I was curious to see if Avon could stand up to its competitor.

The Anew line is part of Avon's multi-product anti-aging line. I was trying the Ultimate line, which is formulated for older skin to erase fine lines and wrinkles.  Although I don't have wrinkles, or old skin, I thought I'd give this line a try; after all what works on older skin should work really well on my younger skin!

(Please note that since I was gifted these products, I cannot speak to their price range.)

The Product: Eye Cream
First up, we have your basic eye cream.  This particular cream acts as a dual day to night cream with the only difference being that at night, you pop up a secret compartment in its lid to reveal a powerful night serum.

I quite liked the small size of this jar. Avon kept the packaging compact, while stuffing the little jar with cream all the way to the top.

I've been using this eye cream for quite awhile.  The main compartment of the jar contains the main cream, which is a creamy color and texture that absorbs readily upon application.  You only need a solid pat of the finger to get enough product for your under-eye, crows feet area and upper orbital bone.

At night, apply the main cream again, but add in the extra step of putting on the eye serum in the lid compartment.  The serum is an entirely different texture to the cream; it is yellow and very waxy.  I didn't like the serum as it was hard to get enough product on my finger for me to notice that I was applying anything to my under-eye area.

After using this cream for months, I have not noticed any significant effects on the fine lines under my eyes.  This cream is passable for moisturizing the eye area, but useless at doing anything for anti-aging.  Oddly enough, if I apply it to my lashes daily, it does leave them nicely conditioned.

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Average qualities.  Makes for a good lash conditioner and day eye-cream, but useless as a night treatment.

The Product: Night Cream
Next up, I will review the Anew Ultimate line's night cream.  Again, this cream is designed to rejuvenate tired skin and fight signs of aging.

The packaging is pretty standard for this cream as it comes in the regular screw top jar.  The jar is quite large and contains enough product to last for MONTHS.

I did not enjoy this product at all.  Firstly, the cream had a very strong, medicinal scent, which is a huge no-no to me as I much prefer nice, lightly scented products.  Secondly, I highly caution against using too much of this product at any time - less is extremely more in this case!  As I used this product, I began using less and less of the cream each night, but still sadly with the same result: an oily, yet sticky, residue that took forever to dry.  Every night I left the washroom with an oily, shiny face that did not feel refreshed, or pampered in the least.  And the end results of all this? Zilch.  I didn't notice any difference in the levels of moisture in my skin, or a reduction in any of the fine lines in my forehead; in fact, I was beginning to break out!

I ended up chucking this product after my trial period of 3 weeks, which is utterly unheard of behaviour for me.  I've never chucked a full product like this before, but I hated this cream that much.

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Do not buy unless you like feeling greasy and smelling like a medicine cabinet.

Have you had any experiences with this Avon line?

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  1. Great review, thanks for sharing! I've been searching for an eye cream actually. Your blog is so cute =)

    Suzie Q
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  2. Avon has really stepped up their cosmetics, but their skin care lines have never really wowed me. Maybe it's because most of them seem to be tailored to a mature consumer? Now I know to steer clear of the Anew line!


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