KnowShow predicts what's hot for 2013

Summer is barely winding down and already designers have their thoughts focused on winter woolies and even next summer's hottest ensembles.  When it comes to fashion, the grass is always greener.  I was fortunate enough to attend the KnowShow convention a couple weeks ago and gain a sneak peek on what will be filling our closets (both real and imaginary) next year.

KnowShow is a national trade show featuring tons of clothing and lifestyle brands.  It's a place where buyers  come to check out what's new and pick what they would like to stock for upcoming seasons.  The brands exhibited here range wildly from scuba gear to jewelry, clothes, to skateboards, but if you're a fan of anything from skater wear, to rugged hiking boots and all the stylish things in-between, then KnowShow has got you covered.  I've been before, so I knew the drill, but it was still like being a kid in a candy shop walking the aisles and checking out all the cool styles to come.

Here are some of the highlighted trends that caught my eye:

Trend: Floral floral floral (and fruit!)
Look for: patchwork pockets, large vintage-inspired prints and painterly silk-screened dresses
As seen at: BB Dakota, QSW (Quiksilver), Snap (F as in Frank Vintage)

Trend: Accessorize to the max
Look for: natural, tribal jewelry made of stones, beads and wood; long, multi-layered chains; metal mixing of silver and gold; leather studded cuffs
As seen on: Uranium

Trend: Rugged Canadiana
Look for: eco-chic, clothing made of recycled materials, soft tapered sweatpants, sturdy masculine backpacks, patterns inspired by nature
As seen on: Ten Tree Apparel, Quicksilver, Sitka

Trend: Rainbow colored shoes
Look for: pastels, tribal patterns, tie-dye, neon, deep bright jewel tones
As seen on: Toms, Roxy

Trend: Tribal Love
Look for: Mexican and Navajo inspired prints, African inspired prints, patterned bottoms, thick poncho-esque coats.
As seen on: Gentle Fawn, BB Dakota, Quiksilver, Black Sheep

Trend: Vintage Forever
Look for: tie-dye, crochet, denim cut-offs, high-waisted bottoms, remixed tops, punk rock and concert tees.
As seen on: Black Sheep, Snap (F as in Frank Vintage)

Trend: Honourable Mentions
Look for: back and side cut-outs, floppy hats, super light neon rain coats, A-line skirts
As seen on: Black Sheep, K-way, Roxy

Which of these trends do you see yourself lusting for?

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  1. Wow this is a great post on Know Show and all the trends. I'm lovin the rainbow coloured shoes :)


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